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If you have been nominated as a referee this information will assist you with completing a reference on our online application system.


Applications for the funded educational psychology entry training must include two references:

An academic reference

This should be completed by a person who is familiar with the applicant's academic record. If the applicant completed their degree some years ago and the university is unable to provide an academic reference, they may invite, for example, someone from their teacher training course or alternatively, their current employer to provide a reference giving details of professional development or other learning undertaken. Only one academic reference will be accepted.

A relevant experience referee

This must be completed by your current employer or equivalent.

Referee eligibility criteria

The two references must be written by two different individuals. 

A single reference can incorporate the views of more than one person, although this is not encouraged. The nominated referee should make clear where they are reporting the views of someone else. 

Referees should not be in a position to only provide a character reference (for example a family friend, local GP or clergy etc) as this will not provide appropriate support for the application. 

Third references

Where an applicant has been working in their current role for less than three months, they may wish to submit one additional relevant experience reference. 

There is no circumstance in which a second academic reference will be appropriate.

How the reference is requested

Applicants are required to enter the contact details of their referees into the online application system at the earliest opportunity. Once an applicant enters the contact details and requests the references, an email will be forwarded to the referee containing details on how to log on and how to complete a reference for the applicant.

We ask that applicants get permission from their referees before the references are requested through the online application system. 

Logging on to give your reference

When an applicant names you as a referee we will send you an email with a username and password for the online application system. You will need these to get into the system and give your reference. There is also help with how to complete the reference form and how to change your password.

All fields marked with a * are mandatory and must be completed in order for the reference to be submitted successfully. Once submitted you won't be able to edit or view that particular reference.

If you are providing references for more than one applicant we will send you separate log in details for each one.

Opting out of supplying a reference

If you choose not to give a reference for a particular applicant, please let them know as soon as possible to give them time to find another referee. You don't need to give your reasons. If you are not able to contact the applicant directly then please contact us.

Other information


The unique log in details that are sent to you are designed to ensure that there is a certain level of security. It is therefore not necessary to individually sign the reference before submitting it. By submitting the form electronically you are giving consent for the reference to be used.


If you wish to withdraw your reference at any time you must do so before the application has been submitted to the training providers.  

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Page updated: 3 January 2012

Referee guidance notes

For information about how to use the online application system to provide a reference for a candidate.

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