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About CWDC

Who we are

The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) leads change so that the thousands of people and volunteers working with children and young people across England are able to do the best job they possibly can.

We want England’s children and young people’s workforce to be respected by peers and valued for the positive difference it makes to children, young people and their families.

We advise and work in partnership with
lots of different organisations and people
who all want the lives of all children
and young people to be healthy,
happy and fulfilling.


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What we do

To make England the best place in the world to grow up, we lead workforce reform, improving chances for children and young people throughout the country.

In short, we join up the way different agencies work, and bring consistency to the way children and young people are listened to and looked after. We are the voice of employers and we make sure their concerns, experiences and views directly influence workforce reform.

Our decisions and actions are informed by constant
dialogue with employers, the workforce,
children, young people and their families,
as well as high quality research.


Who we work with

CWDC supports 2.6 million people who work
with children, young people and their families,
in sectors including early years, childcare,
work with young people, education welfare,
social work and social care.

What we do also impacts on 
five million volunteers who work
with children and young people.


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Our diversity policy

Nobody should be denied opportunities because of their gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief or age. This principle underpins our work.

More about our diversity policy

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