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Participation resources

For CWDC, participation means ensuring the structures, resources and processes are in place so we and our workforce can take action, make changes and be steered by what children, young people and their families tell us.

CWDC's Participation Fund has supported the production of resources to support the involvement of children and young people in workforce development and reform. 

We have gathered these resources, together with examples and case studies to help you involve children and young people in different areas of workforce development.

We have split these resources into 4 areas:

Appraisal and assessment

This includes involving children and young people in deciding how good a job a staff member, student or volunteer is doing, the things they do well and the areas where they need to improve.

Induction and training

Induction covers the things that a new member of staff needs to know, understand and be able to do within 6 months of starting work. Training covers any training that the workforce may need to fulfill their role, this can include both formal qualifications such as a social work degree and 'in-house' training such as recruitment and selection. 

Recruitment and selection

Involving children and young people in deciding what kind of worker they need, and who should work with them is one of the most powerful, and commonly used, ways of involving children and young people in workforce development.

Workforce planning

Probably the least developed area of work in terms of involving children and young people, this area of work includes looking at what roles will be needed in the future, and how the current workforce can be developed to fill this need.

If you have resources to add to this section then please get in touch.

Page updated: 23 September 2011

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