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Induction standards for the children and young people's workforce

The standards set out what new workers should know, understand and be able to do.

CWDC induction standards

The CWDC induction standards set out what new workers should know, understand and be able to do within six months of starting work. They are now mandatory for the children's social care workforce and can be used successfully for other roles too.

We are particularly pleased to have been able to reflect what children and young people have told us is most important to them about the people who work with them.

Resources for working though the standards are available on the induction standards materials page.

Induction standards field testing

In 2007-08 CWDC piloted a roll-out of the induction standards across four additional occupations in the children's workforce:

  • Early years
  • Connexions personal advisers
  • Learning mentors
  • Educational welfare officers.

The integrated working and social care teams also worked together to support field testing of the CWDC training, support and development standards for foster carers. Fifteen sites took part in the field testing, with three sites testing an integrated approach to induction across more than one occupational area.

The summary report from the field testing is available:
CWDC induction standards field testing - summary report

CWN visions and principles for induction

The Children's Workforce Network (CWN)*, together with CWDC, developed a set of visions and principles for induction for all those who work with children, young people and families in England. CWN was disbanded in September 2009.

The CWN vision and principles for induction to the children and young people's workforce are the first step towards a common understanding and direction on induction for the children and young people's workforce. They establish an expectation that everyone in the workforce should have an induction based on the common core of skills and knowledge for the children's workforce (the common core), tailored appropriately to their role and setting.

CWN vision and principles for induction [172.1 Kb - PDF]

We are also looking at ways to make sure that these induction standards are compatible with the Integrated Qualifications Framework (IQF) ensuring they are relevant and fit for purpose with other parts of the children and young people's workforce. 

* The Children's Workforce Network (CWN) has now been disbanded. Find out more.

Page updated: 16 February 2011

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