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CWDC Training, Support and Development Standards for Short Break Carers

The short break standards are here! To find out how you can start using them we've developed information for supervisors and a workbook and guidance for short break carers. To make it even easier we've also put up some FAQs.

The Training, Support and Development Standards for Short Break Carers were launched in June 2009. The standards are accompanied by a workbook and guidance for managers, supervisors and trainers. From June 2009 all short break foster care providers are expected to be implementing the standards with short break cares who are regulated by the Fostering Services Regulations 2002.

Short break carer standards documents

CWDC Training, Support and Development Standards for Short Break Carers

You can now order copies of the guidance for managers and the workbook online by registering at our publications site

If you have any questions about the standards please email us at:

Online workbook

An online version of the TSD short break standards workbook is now available.

As an alternative to the printed workbook, CWDC has developed a saveable online version to help short break carers work through the standards in a more flexible way.

The online workbook enables foster carers to:

  • Complete their workbook online from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Type their evidence into expandable boxes.
  • Save their workbook with a password and come back later.
  • Complete their online workbook jointly with their partner.
  • Attached documents as evidence of how they have met the standard.
  • See how much progress has been made on a summary diagram.
  • Have their evidence signed off online by their supervisor.
  • Email their supervisor through the system.
  • Print off their completed workbook and completion certificate.

The online workbook can be accessed at

About the standards

We have developed these standards to support the training and development of short break carers. The standards set out what short break carers should know, understand and be able to do and are proportionate to the role and task of the short break carer. The standards are induction level and all new short break carers should complete the standards within one year of starting.

The standards build on the Training, Support and Development Standards for Foster Care which were launched in July 2007 and have been adapted to meet the needs of short break carers who offer placements to disabled children and young people and those with complex health needs. 

Please note: At the point of publication (June 2009), the standards are to be used by new and existing short break carers of disabled children and young people, including those with complex health needs, who provide day or overnight stays primarily in the carer's home and whose placements are regulated by the Fostering Services Regulations 2002.

There are six Training, Support and Development Standards for Short Break Carers:

  • Standard 1: Understand your role as a short break carer
  • Standard 2: Provide a safe environment and healthy care
  • Standard 3: Communicate effectively
  • Standard 4: Understand the development of children and young people
  • Standard 5: Keep children and young people safe from harm
  • Standard 6: Develop yourself

For more information about the standards and guidance on how to use them, please download the documents from the top of this page or go to frequently asked questions (FAQs) section.

Page updated: 4 October 2010

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