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Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People campaigns for the rights of disabled people and does this through providing information, advice and organising events.

Established in 1985, we are an organisation OF disabled people; that is, controlled by disabled people. Anyone can join GMCDP and we welcome enquiries from everyone. However, only disabled people can be on the Management Committee and vote at meetings, and GMCDP employs only disabled workers.

Photo of GMCDP AGM and Conference, Manchester 2003

The Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People aims to:

  • promote the independence and integration of disabled people in society.
  • identify and challenge the discrimination faced by disabled people in society today.
  • encourage and support the self-organisation of disabled people.

Photo of GMCDP Open Day and BBQ, Manchester 1995

We further our aims by:

  • campaigning on a wide variety of disability issues, and organise regular Open Meetings in order to ensure our activities reflect the wishes and beliefs of members.
  • organising many one-off events that are arranged through GMCDP's projects and sub-groups. These can range from training workshops to arts/leisure.

Funding: GMCDP receives core funding from AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) and Manchester City Council.


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