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Dear Villager,

You may have read about the nationwide ‘Surviving Winter’ appeal.  Individuals who can afford to are being encouraged to donate their 2011/12 winter fuel payment from the government to local charities.  Local community foundations, including the Community Foundation for Surrey, are organising this appeal.  Hambledon Community Fund is, of course, part of this scheme.  

The Government will pay the winter fuel allowance as normal into your account.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to pass this on to others then, please complete the form on the flyer being sent to all homes, or downloadable here, and send with your cheque, made payable to Hambledon Community Fund:   


Community Foundation for Surrey, 1 Bishops Wharf, 

Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4RA

All donations are eligible for 25% gift aid and if you are under 60, please do feel free to pass this letter on!

Thank you so much for your support and making Hambledon an even better place to live.   Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions about this scheme or the Hambledon Community Fund.

Kind regards,

Julie Llewelyn & Kath Evans

01483 428429     01428 681316

What is the Surviving Winter Appeal?
Surviving Winter is a UK-wide co-ordinated campaign to encourage people to make donations to help older and vulnerable people suffering from fuel poverty this winter. In Surrey, the Community Foundation for Surrey (CFS), an independent charitable trust, is leading this campaign locally.

How does it work?
Individuals who can afford to are being asked to donate their Winter Fuel payment from the government to support older and vulnerable people who are less fortunate than themselves.

How much money are we talking about?
For most people, the winter fuel payment works out around £200 per Household, which goes up to around £400 for the over 80’s.

Who will qualify for a grant?
Anyone who is over 60 who receives, or qualifies for, state benefits or is otherwise determined to be suffering financial hardship.

When will it start?
The official UK launch for the campaign will take place on 10th November at The House of Commons and it will continue throughout the winter months. During this period donations will be received and then quickly processed so that they can be re-distributed to those who need them.

Surely Surrey residents can afford to pay for their winter fuel?
Last year 528 deaths in Surrey were directly attributable to winter weather and 39,414 households (nearly 8.7% of Households) currently live in “fuel poverty”. There is a real concern that these worrying figures will increase as heating costs escalate and elderly people struggle to look after themselves during the coldest weather.

How will it be distributed?
The money raised by the campaign will be used to support local charities and community organisations who can reach the people most in need and make sure that they can afford to stay warm, eat well and remain mobile, as well as help them in practical ways such as ensuring they can make doctor’s appointments, get to the shops, and maintain an active social life.

Will all of the money go to those in need?
The aim is for every penny donated to go to where it is needed. The Community Foundation will cover its administration costs through the addition of gift aid claimed on donations, which means that the Government, not the donors, meet the costs.

What will you do with any surplus funds?
Money will be distributed to local charities and community organisations working with older people in the county.

Isn’t providing adequate winter fuel benefits the job of Government or Social Services?
This campaign is a way to target money to where it is most needed this winter. It is for Parliament to decide on whether to means test winter fuel payments in the future. The Community Foundation’s approach of inspiring local giving for local needs gives people the opportunity to influence directly how their giving-and through gift aid, their tax-can make a difference locally.

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