The Hambledon Jubilee Events - June 2nd-4th. Print

The Jubilee Fete and weekend June 2nd-4th

This is looking like something not to be missed. One of those occasions in the life of Hambledon that will be remembered for years to come. One of those occasions where everyone should be present. It will start with the fete on the Saturday afternoon and the dinner and dance in the evening. On Sunday the Church will host events. On Monday evening there will be a party supported by the Parish Council to thank all the volunteers who have helped the village in any form. This will culminate in the lighting of a bonfire, synchronising with many others all over the country, to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. All are welcolme to this party. Tuesday is also a Bank Holiday, but will be reserved for recovery.

The Fete will be run by four organisations and they will share the proceeds. They are The Almshouses, The Church, The Cricket Club and the Football Club. Our next step is to have a meeting of their representatives to decide the responsibilities. Outside of this we would welcolme all ideas and offers of help in running stalls or organising events. So far we have the Novelty Dog Show and The Cellar and National Trust wanting tables in the marquee.

Regarding the dinner and dance in the evening, tables will be available for complete booking.

We still have slots for the use of the marquee or cricket ground over this period so any extra ideas would be gratefully received.

I can be contacted via the Village Shop.


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