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Revocation of Paraquat Authorisations

Regulatory Update: 21/2007

Issued: 19/07/2007

On 11 July 2007, the European Court of First Instance annulled Commission Directive 2003/112/EC, which provided for the inclusion of paraquat in the list of substances that can be authorised for use in plant protection products in the European Community (Annex I of Directive 91/414/EEC). The ruling has immediate implications:

  • no new authorisations for products which contain paraquat can be issued;
  • existing authorisations for products which contain paraquat must be revoked with a limited wind-down period.

The ruling followed a court case initiated by Sweden against the European Commission. The Court’s press release provides more information about the case and the ruling.

Regulatory action

PSD is preparing revocation Notices for products which contain paraquat. They will be issued as soon as possible and take revocation action as set out below:

  • authorisation will be revoked for the advertisement, sale, supply, storage and use of the product (i.e. immediate revocation for authorisation holders and their agents);
  • authorisation will be given for storage by any persons and for the advertisement, sale, supply and use of existing stocks, by persons other than the authorisation holder or their agents, until 11 July 2008.

Products already subject to revocation procedures will be unaffected by this new action, unless the phase-out periods currently permitted extend any element of the authorisation beyond those identified above. In these cases, the phase-out period will be reduced to bring the revocation into line with those identified above.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding this Regulatory Update, please contact Steve Dobson ( or 01904 455891).

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