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WEBFRAM Stakeholders Forum, at the Central Science Laboratory

The UK Pesticides Safety Directorate (PSD) evaluates data on operator, consumer and environmental risks provided by pesticide registrants. Under UK and EU legislation the data must be sufficient to permit an assessment of the risks to non-target organisms, including the risk to birds, mammals, aquatic life and non-target invertebrates. Essentially this evaluation considers whether the risks associated with the review or the introduction of an active substance are acceptable. Based on this evaluation a risk assessment and proposed regulatory decision is prepared for consideration by the Advisory Committee on Pesticides (ACP). The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has commissioned a suite of research projects with the overall purpose of developing a web-enabled model framework for environmental risk assessment (WEBFRAM - WEB-integrated FRAMework) that incorporates variability and uncertainty into the assessment of risk to non-target species. The commissioned projects include:

  1. Development of a model framework for the assessment of non-target risks, recommend statistical/ mathematical methods for addressing uncertainty, and incorporate them into a web-enabled generic model framework.
  2. Development of key modules addressing specific non-target groups (aquatic systems, terrestrial vertebrates, above ground terrestrial invertebrates, below ground terrestrial invertebrates) which address issues such as species sensitivity distributions, spatial, temporal and regional scales, population and community effects, the impact of food intake on exposure, and pesticide residues in food of non-targets.
  3. An assessment of the acceptability of effects on non-target species.

As part of this process one meeting per year is held where 50-60 stakeholders are invited to hear about the progress of the programme and provide feedback. The third of these meetings will be held at The Food and Environment Research Agency(FERA), Sand Hutton, York ( on Tuesday 15 November 2005 starting at 11a.m. and finishing at 5 p.m.

The meeting will include:

  1. A 20 minute overview of each of the projects which make up the WEBFRAM suite presented by the project leaders; and
  2. Time for discussion and feedback on the approaches being taken

Contact Details

If you would like to attend this Forum please email HelenThompson by 1 November 2005.

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