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Report on the Supply of Electric Lamps.



Part I General survey of the electric lamp industry
Chapter 1 The general background
Chapter 2 History of the Electric Lamp Industry in the United Kingdom
Part II The manufacturing side
Chapter 3 The Electric Lamp Manufacturers' Association
Chapter 4 International Agreements
Chapter 5 Patents and inventions
Chapter 6 Quotas
Chapter 7 The Independent Manufacturers
Chapter 8 The Controlled Companies
Chapter 9 Quality and standards
Chapter 10 Lamp components
Part III The distributive side
Chapter 11 The E.L.M.A. selling system
Chapter 12 The Distributors
Part IV The public interest
Chapter 13 Conclusions as to the conditions defined in the Act
Chapter 14 Prices, costs and profits
Chapter 15 Views of users and complainants
Chapter 16 The case for E.L.M.A.
Chapter 17 Conclusions and recommendations