Rewarding and developing staff in higher education

In autumn 2000 the Government announced additional resources to help higher education institutions (HEIs) recruit, retain and develop staff, and modernise management processes in the sector. In 2003, further funding was announced to 2005-06. We took forward the allocation of this funding through two phases of the Rewarding and Developing Staff in HE initiative (R&DS).

In return for R&DS funding, HEIs were asked to submit human resource strategies showing how they would use the additional funds to address certain priorities (HEFCE 01/16). From 2006-07 we removed the conditions on R&DS grant for those HEIs that undertook self-assessment of their people management. To help them achieve this we developed the 'self-assessment tool' (see below).

Two good practice guides were developed as part of the R&DS initiative. The first (HEFCE 02/14) provides advice on the development of HR strategies. The second (HEFCE 2003/37) gives guidance on implementing them.

Funding for the Golden Hellos recruitment and retention scheme and the Promising Researcher Fellowship Scheme are included in R&DS allocations.

We undertook a programme of monitoring and evaluation of the R&DS initiative.

Self-assessment tool for people management in HEIs

A self-assessment tool (SAT) was developed to enable institutions to assess their own progress in people management. It was developed by the Universities Personnel Association (now Universities HR) and the SCOP (now Guild HE) Personnel Network, with HEFCE's support.

In 2005 we commissioned external consultants to undertake an independent evaluation of the golden hellos initiative.

Last updated 2 September 2010