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Related bodies

Within our Working in Partnership strategy, we seek to pursue national policy objectives and priorities in higher education. Our objectives are delivered in part through an extended enterprise of organisations through which significant levels of funding are distributed or activities promoted. We describe these organisations as 'related bodies'.

The activities of each related body will in some way contribute to the achievement of our objectives. It is on this basis that their oversight is assigned to specific directorates within our structure. Our related bodies include:

In a number of cases, related bodies receive public funding through us and other public funding bodies. We do not seek to control these organisations but, where public funding is provided, the related bodies are required to meet certain accountability requirements in return for that public funding. The accountability arrangements will normally be described in a funding agreement, a service-level agreement or a memorandum of understanding. These accountability agreements for the related bodies are available above.

Our relationship with each of our related bodies is managed through our Related Bodies Accountability Framework. We acknowledge that, where other public bodies provide funding to the above listed organisations, they generally rely (at least partially) on our oversight for assurance that public funds are being used for the purposes provided.

For further information on HEFCE's related bodies contact Laurie Haynes, tel 0117 931 7146, e-mail

Last updated 14 October 2011