Evaluation Reports

Showcase Hospitals Evaluation Reports

A range of technologies are being evaluated at showcase hospitals in order to help NHS decision makers and budget holders to target their infection control investments and select effective technologies. Evaluation reports are being produced for a range of HCAI related products and will be published below when available.

Showcase Hospitals Report 1:  Bardex® I.C. Silver Alloy and Hydrogel-Coated Catheter - 3 April 2009 (PDF, 407.7 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Report 2: The 3M™ Clean-Trace™ Clinical Hygiene Monitoring System – 27 July 2009 (PDF, 2.6 MB)
Showcase Hospitals Report 3: The Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour (HPV) Disinfection System – 17 August 2009 (PDF, 451.3 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Report 4: ChloraPrep® 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate w/v 70% Isopropyl Alcohol v/v cutaneous solution for skin antisepsis for skin antisepsis – 26 August 2009 (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Showcase Hospitals Report 5: Flexi-Seal® Faecal Management System – ConvaTec – 17 Dec 09 (PDF, 783.5 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Report 6: Zassi Bowel Management System – Hollister (PDF, 835.7 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Report 7: InteguSeal® (PDF, 749.2 KB)

Showcase Hospitals Local Technology Review Report Number 1: Medmat® (PDF, 83.7 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Local Technology Review Report Number 2: Cuff-Guard® (PDF, 106.9 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Local Technology Review Report Number 3: Quality Compass (PDF, 139.9 KB)
Showcase Hospitals Local Technology Review Report Number 4: BIOPATCH® (PDF, 104.4 KB)

Smart Solutions for HCAI Evaluation Reports

Smart Solutions for HCAI is a national programme that aims to bring forward new technologies with the potential to reduce HCAI rates within the NHS. The programme was run by TrusTech, the North West of England NHS Innovation Hub, on behalf of the Department of Health HCAI Technology Innovation programme and supported by the NHS National Innovation Centre.

Following a national call for innovative products and technologies from a range of diverse industries, nine products were selected for evaluation within an NHS setting. Summaries of each of the evaluation reports are below.

HCAI - Airmanager Evaluation Report (PDF, 57.8 KB)
HCAI - Chemspec Evaluation Report (PDF, 71.0 KB)
HCAI – Inov8 Evaluation Report (PDF, 58.6 KB)
HCAI - Medixair Evaluation Report (PDF, 67.3 KB)
HCAI - Medmat Evaluation Report (PDF, 58.8 KB)
HCAI - Nanopool Evaluation Report (PDF, 59.7 KB)
HCAI - TwistDx Evaluation Report (PDF, 106.2 KB)
HCAI – Ultra Violet Light Evaluation Report (PDF, 72.5 KB)
HCAI - V-Link Evaluation Report (PDF, 53.6 KB)

Innovation Adoption Study

The Department of Health HCAI Technology Innovation programme commissioned the National Centre for Infection Prevention and Management, Imperial College London to undertake a study of the process of innovation adoption in 12 NHS trusts. The study covered three distinct phases of technology adoption: decision making, procurement and implementation.

To view the full report click here

To view the executive summary click here

Max4Health Hand Hygiene Evaluation Report

This report sets out the results of an evaluation of a Max4Health Hand Hygiene Campaign that was undertaken at Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust over a nine week period between February and April 2009.

Max4Health Hand Hygiene Campaign Evaluation Report (PDF, 171 KB)

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