Design for Patient Dignity Project
This brochure contains the initial prototypes and concepts of ‘Design for Patient Dignity’, a programme from the Department of Health and the Design Council. This has brought together seven teams of leading UK designers and manufacturers with frontline healthcare staff to help solve privacy and dignity issues for patients.

To read this brochure, click here. (PDF, 12.38MB)

Design Bugs Out Project
The Design Council, Department of Health and NHS Purchasing and Supply Agency brought designers together with clinical specialists, patients and frontline staff to test an innovative approach to procurement. The Design Council challenged the UK’s top designers and manufacturers to help control the risk of Healthcare Associated Infections by making hospital furniture and equipment easier and quicker to clean.

To read this brochure, click here. (PDF, 3.48MB)

HCAI Technology Innovation Programme
The Healthcare Associated Infection Technology Innovation Programme provides a proactive new strategy for the identification, development and adoption of innovative technological solutions to combat healthcare associated infections in the NHS. Its aim is to speed up the development and adoption of new and innovative technologies that can be shown, or might be assisted to show, clinical effectiveness against HCAIs and make them available to the NHS as quickly as possible. The programme has established a radical new model for technology procurement which allows NHS front-line staff and industry to communicate and collaborate from the first stages of the innovation process and incorporates quick and effective methods for identifying and speeding up the adoption of the most promising technologies.

To read more, click here. (PDF, 5.02MB)

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