MRSA screening

Healthcare associated infections (HCAI) such as MRSA can have a considerable societal cost in terms of causing serious disability, and sometimes death.  But they also represent a real cost burden on the NHS. Research into the costs to the NHS associated with HCAIs, conducted in the 1990’s, estimated that the cost was approximately £1 billion annually.

Screening patients on or before admission to hospital for the presence of MRSA on the most common body sites known to be colonised, and offering them suppressive (decolonisation) therapy, can reduce the risk of a patient developing an MRSA infection, or passing MRSA on to others.

Screening for MRSA is one of a raft of measures now in place to tackle HCAIs, which include the drive for good hand hygiene, high standards of cleanliness and the prudent use of antibiotics.

Further information can be found below:

Emergency Admissions MRSA screening pathway (PDF, 29.1 KB)

Screening for MRSA (PDF, 37.3 KB)

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