Renal care

The use of dialysis catheters is the most common factor contributing to bacteraemia in dialysis patients(1).  In 2008, the Renal Association UK renal registry report stated that the relative risk of MRSA bacteraemia was approximately 100-fold higher for dialysis patients than the general population and an additional 8-fold higher for a patient requiring a venous catheter compared to a fistula(2).

(1) Jaar BG, Hermann JA, Furth SL, Briggs W, Powe NR. Septicaemia in diabetic haemodialysis patients: comparison of incidence, risk factors, and mortality with nondiabetic haemodialysis patients. American Journal of Kidney Diseases 2000, 35:282–292
(2) The Renal Association, UK Renal Registry Annual Report, UK Renal registry, 2008. Available at

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