Case studies

The case studies contained here are real stories, written by organisations to provide information about how they went about improving their healthcare associated infection (HCAI) prevention and control approaches.

These case studies provide ideas and tips about how to tackle a particular HCAI prevention and control problem and how to approach a change programme or project.

The case studies are not stand-alone – they have been developed to accompany guidance material – e.g. the High Impact Interventions – and are provided to bring these guidance pieces to life and to demonstrate to readers how the guidance material can be used to inform the chosen infection prevention and  control approach. Organisations can pick and choose from the case studies provided in order to select the approach most relevant to their situation.

There are three types of case studies:

1. End-to-end case studies
End-to-end case studies, tell the story of the organisation’s efforts to prevent and control HCAIs from start to finish. That is, from the identification of reducing and preventing meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) as a national priority in 2004, to the addition of reducing and preventing Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) to the national agenda in 2007, to their current position and beyond.

End-to-end case studies not only provide tips and pointers about how to prevent and control HCAIs, but also ideas on, and information about how to approach change management in the NHS.

2. Full case studies
Full case studies tell the story of an organisation’s efforts to tackle a particular HCAI problem, (for example, issues with isolation practices), from start to finish. They contain detail about how they determined there was a problem and then planned and managed changes. They include the provision of ‘top tips’, and lessons learned from each organisation, outlining the particular approach taken to prevent and reduce infection.

3. Vignette case studies
Like the full case studies, vignette case studies are topic focused. However, rather than telling the complete story about how an organisation tackled a problem, vignettes are short pieces aimed at providing the reader with just the key points to take about how an organisation dealt with an HCAI issue.

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