Organisational culture

Achieving organisational wide culture change can be a significant challenge, especially in healthcare settings.  Achieving reductions in healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) within this environment can be a driver to delivering change.

Organisations often struggle to deliver change, with some of the reasons cited including:

  • Conflicting priorities
  • Acceptance of the status quo
  • Divergent thinking on what the key issues are
  • Challenged environments
  • A belief that making improvements will be impossible or ‘we have always done it this way’
  • Change is not perceived to be beneficial

There are three important organising principles that can help achieve organisational change and sustainable reductions in HCAI:

  • Belief – a confidence that zero tolerance to avoidable infections is achievable from ward to board
  • Behaviour – appropriate actions are put in place, and embedded to stress the importance of infection prevention and control and improvement sustainability
  • Be sure – ensure assurance processes are effective in identifying and mitigating risks with clear accountability of consequences at every level, and provides assurance to Board and Trust.

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Organisational Culture – Transformational Change (PDF, 29.6 KB)


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