Resources to reduce infection

There are a number of tools that can facilitate HCAI improvements.

Training Resources
This resource bank of training courses will provide all levels of education in infection prevention and control. Courses are designed to meet the needs of healthcare professionals who work in infection control roles, or wish to extend their knowledge in this area of practice within hospitals, acute settings and the community.

Infection Prevention and Control Training Courses (PDF, 30.4 KB)

Delivery plan template
The delivery plan step-by-step approach can be used to facilitate and drive service and performance improvement with individuals, teams and whole departments. This template breaks down the daunting task of identifying, planning, implementation and evaluation into an easy, systematic approach.

Reducing Infection Resources – Delivery Plan Template (XLS, 30.2 KB)

NHS Institute Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator
This tool calculates the return on investment (ROI) of any quality improvement initiative using the financial benefits and costs data you insert from your project.

The ROI calculator can be used at the start of a project to provide an estimate of the costs for upfront justification, and again towards the end of a project as a measure for the success of the improvement project.

Renal tool
This tool enables renal units to self assess their progress and actions taken towards reducing renal infections. For key challenge areas, it provides an overview of the key issues for renal services and the main objectives that they should be striving to deliver. For each challenge area, the tool provides a tailored action plan template for the renal unit to complete.

To view this tool, click here.

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