Diagnostic Review Process

The principles that can help when organisations are planning, conducting, and following up their own local diagnostic peer reviews are provided in this section, as well as explanations outlining how such reviews can be used to the mutual benefit of the organisations involved.

What is a Peer Review?
There is no single understanding of the term peer review. However, for the purposes of this website, we use ‘peer review’ to refer to a structured process whereby suitably qualified or experienced individuals review another organisation in order to assess the safety and quality of services and to make suggestions for improvement.

A peer review can be either one-way (organisation A reviews organisation B) or two-way (organisation A reviews organisation B, then organisation B reviews organisation A).

A peer review in the NHS will typically feature the following elements:

  • Sharing of written information prior to an on-site visit
  • An on site visit from a team of reviewers
  • A mixture of 1:1 and group interviews
  • A period of observation
  • Feedback of recommendations

What are the Benefits of Peer Review?
Often there is nothing more invaluable than a fresh pair of eyes to point out where practice could be improved and to highlight areas of good practice. Likewise, reviewing another organisation can give you ideas of practices you could adopt in your own organisation.

Peer reviews can contribute to organisational assurance and provide a measure on how an organisation is performing against a given standard.

Diagnostic Review Training Package
This presentation outlines the principles and some practical tips that can help when organisations are planning, conducting, and following up their own local diagnostic review.

Diagnostic Review Tool
The Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) Diagnostic Tool enables organisations to use an integrated approach to understand where to focus attention to deliver clean, safe care for patients.

It can drive the organisation’s HCAI Delivery Plan but will also identify areas of good practice that may assist other organisations in implementing improvements.

  • Diagnostic Review Tool

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