Plant science courses

GIS data collecting and satellite image

Vegetation Survey training course

This practical two-week Vegetation Survey course, led by specialists from Kew's Botanical and Geographical Information Systems teams, offers an introduction to the techniques and technology available for classifying and mapping vegetation at regional and local scales. It is particularly designed for those carrying out surveys for conservation agencies or extractive industries.

Identifying tropical plant specimens

Tropical Plant Identification course

During this two-week Tropical Plant Identification course, Kew botanists share their expertise in identifying plants from the biodiversity-rich tropical regions of the world.

Medicinal plant stall in China

Complementary Therapies Seminar Day at Kew Gardens

This seminar day showcases some of Kew’s research into medicines derived from plants and highlights the significance of international biodiversity conventions for complementary therapists using natural products.

Preparing rosewood specimens for identification under a microscope

Identification of Wood course

During the Wood Identification course, participants will look at many different types of wood, and find out how to distinguish them using features of their cells and tissues visible only under the microscope.

Herbarium Techniques students learning about the practicalities of mounting preserved plant specimens

International Diploma in Herbarium Techniques

The International Diploma in Herbarium Techniques focuses on the specialist skills of herbarium curation and management, including preparing, storing, preserving and organising plant specimens and the information associated with them.

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Botanical Nomenclature Training course

This one-week Botanical Nomenclature course, led by Kew specialists with extensive practical experience, covers the basic principles of plant nomenclature according to the International Code for Botanical Nomenclature.