Conservation courses

GIS data collecting and satellite image

Vegetation Survey training course

This practical two-week Vegetation Survey course, led by specialists from Kew's Botanical and Geographical Information Systems teams, offers an introduction to the techniques and technology available for classifying and mapping vegetation at regional and local scales. It is particularly designed for those carrying out surveys for conservation agencies or extractive industries.

Identifying tropical plant specimens

Tropical Plant Identification course

During this two-week Tropical Plant Identification course, Kew botanists share their expertise in identifying plants from the biodiversity-rich tropical regions of the world.

Botanic Garden Education students taking part in an arts activity

International Diploma in Botanic Garden Education

The International Diploma in Botanic Garden Education, developed jointly by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI), provides an opportunity for botanic garden educators to develop programmes within the context of international conservation and sustainability legislation and to try out a wide range of environmental education activities.


International Diploma in Plant Conservation Strategies

The International Diploma in Plant Conservation Strategies offers an overview of the range of in situ and ex situ options for conserving plant diversity, taking into account the targets and aims of international conservation conventions.


International Diploma Courses at Kew

In response to the demands of the wider plant conservation community for solutions-oriented training in skills and strategies supporting worldwide efforts to solve the biodiversity crisis, Kew offers a programme of international diploma courses in herbarium techniques, botanic garden management, botanic garden education and plant conservation strategies.