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Parents of babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers discuss the health and development of their children, from teething to weaning to schooling.
  • what's new?

    by alexis green on 05 December 2011

    I can't believe how long it has been since my last blog! I apologise, not that anything life changing has happened to cause it, I can't se moving house as an excuse, that was in August, lazyness is closer to the truth.Wink


    What is happening with Chloe? She now attends nursery two mornings a week and adores it, each day she asks if she is going so after christmas will be treated to an extra morning each week. I was convinced she would be clingy and cry, but no, she runs in and often forgets to say goodbye. I'm so glad she is happy. She was going for a full day session at another nursery as well but came home with a bleeding bite mark on her arm and the staff feigned ignorance, so I pulled her out of there pretty sharpish. She has taken to waking up a few nights every week crying in a very distressed way. I thought it may have been indigestion, needing the toilet, etc but it seems to be night terrors, she isn't aware you are there when you try and comfort her. Other than that she is a very content little girl. I can't beleive she will be 3 next month, where has my little baby gone? She seems to have grown up so much faster than Sophie. I have booked her a soft play party which she is looking forwards to. She has grown a lot but is still cuddly with chubby cheeks, and never stops chattering. She has also started having swimming lessons and in a matter of weeks has gone from crying and screaming at the top of her voice and not letting go of her instructor to giggling and splashing, the change is incredible.


    Sophie is now well into her first term at infant school. We have had plenty of teething problems, she is terrified of her teacher and won't speak to her, mind you I can't stand her, I find her very obtuse. Luckily after Christmas a new teacher takes over so I'm hoping Sophie starts to enjoy school a little more, she is still on the waiting list for our school of choice and I won't hestitate to move her once a space becomes available, this school so isn't right for her. I hate taking her there each morning, its hard not to cry when I give her up into the care of her teacher. She won't read at school which I'm sure is due to her not liking her teacher because at home she reads quite well with help from me and can write plenty of words without help. I'm so proud of her, I know she is no Einstein but she trying hard and thats all I could ask.

    Both are hyper over Christmas, we have put up our tree already, and I have made advent calendars in the shape of Christmas trees. I can't wait for it either this year, its going to be the best christmas we have ever had.

  • A bit of a ramble....

    by TeamMummy on 29 November 2011

    Today my topic is a contentious one. Or is it? It’s one that’s at the front of every parent’s mind; the safety of our children and how we can ensure it.

    The radio is on and the McCann’s are being ripped apart for their decision to leave all of their children alone in that hotel room. It was a stupid decision, devastatingly stupid. We all know it, but none will know it so well as Kate and Gerry McCann. I doubt that a single day goes by when they don’t think, and regret and wish they could turn back the clock. But they can’t, of course, none of us can, though I’m sure at times we’ve all wished it!

    Being a parent means making decisions about, let’s not beat about the bush, EVERYTHING! Sometimes we make good ones, sometimes not so good. Thankfully very few of us make a decision with such disastrous results as those that befell the McCann family. No, it would never have been a good choice, and probably not one most parents would make, but they could have done it hundreds of times with no consequence. For all we know people are doing it still, regularly, and nothing bad happens so we never need to hear of it. The McCann’s were horribly, terribly unlucky.

    Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I’m not a perfect mother; I’ll hold my hands up and admit it. There have been things I have done that maybe, just maybe, could have worked out not as planned. When the children were smaller, sometimes I left them un-attended, in the bath whilst I ran around collecting together all the stuff that the books say you should get together before you begin. They didn’t drown but they could have done…

    I’ve left them in the car whilst I ran into the shop, so as not to drag them out on the rain. They were still there when I got back, and they hadn’t taken off the handbrake and rolled down a hill… could have been a different story!

    Sometimes, when they were babies, I fell asleep with them still in my bed. Sometimes, I left them propped in a corner of the sofa whilst I made a cuppa. I made the decision NOT to child-proof the house, but to encourage them to recognise and avoid potential dangers. Perhaps they don’t seem like big deals, some of them maybe seem silly, I’m sure that some of them maybe you’ve even done yourself?

    I joked to Nathan, when I couldn’t be bothered to get up, that he could walk Tabitha to school and he’d be fine ‘cos the Lollipop Ladies would be out in force. As I was dropping him off he told me that he really could walk to school (all 2 miles of it, without whinging about achey legs?) I blurted out “No, what if someone tried to steal you?” I can’t, at the moment, think of a time when I would be happy for them to walk to school, or play outside out of my sight, or wander the streets with a gang of mates, but at some point I’m going to have to let them. And what if the time I choose is the wrong one?

    There are children, lots of them, on my estate, who play in the middle of the road, or who wait until a car is coming and then run out in front of it to amuse their friends/scare the s*** out of the driver. I’ve always complained about, and blamed the parents for allowing their kids to play in the road. A while ago my partner’s son fell off his bike, and it was on the evening that it ‘slipped out’ that he’d fallen off in the middle of the road, whilst riding across in front of a moving car. His words were, “Well, I was lucky the car didn’t run me over when I fell off!’ Indeed! He’s 6, he’s not allowed on the road (as he well knows), but we’d decided he could be allowed to ride his bike on the pavement and grass in sight of the house. We’d chosen not to watch him and that decision could have had awful consequences. Had the driver not been so quick on the brake, had he believed that the child in front of him would be safely across by the time he got there, and continued, and we’d have been the ones regretting our decision every day, wishing to turn back that clock. Whose fault would it have been? The drivers? The child who was, after all, only having a go at the forbidden? Or ours for letting him have too much freedom too young, for not making him fully understand road safety, for not watching close enough? For being bad parents? For making the wrong decision?

    We do our very best to protect our children, but all the time we are making decisions that are fraught with pitfalls. Sure, for most of us, ‘Do I leave my children alone in a hotel room?’ might be a no-brainer, but as far as I’m concerned I wasn’t there and I have no right to judge. Dangers lurk everywhere. Like many of you I rely heavily on childcare and those are people who are strangers, albeit ones with pieces of paper telling us they are ok to mind our children. This years news stories have proven that all the CRB checks in the world can’t always protect our children. There is no doubt that the parents of the children abused by those vile and disgusting creatures who masqueraded as Childcare workers, were not to blame. No question at all. But I’m 100% certain that they’ll be feeling guilty for ever, the guilt is just another one of those un-explained, un-talked about mysteries of parenthood.

    Sorry for the ramble, guys, I guess my point is that none of us are perfect, all we can do is our best, that sometimes we cock it up, and we can only hope that the consequences of our mistakes are not too great!

  • 1 year tomorrow!

    by Zelkina on 06 October 2011

    Hello Mummies and daddies! It's been such a long time since I blogged anything, so I apologise in advance if this turns in to a super long post. You might want to get a cuppa and a biccie's ok, I'll wait.

    Ready? Here we go!


    First of all, the birthday boy himself! Mike will be a year old tomorrow, and I cannot get my head around how fast that has gone! It seems like only yesterday I held him in my arms for the first time! Mike is now on the verge of walking. Holding his hands so he can stand and walk round is a daily necessity....saldy so are the screams if we sit him down to go do something, but they fade quickly enough! He sits by himself, and surprised us all by pulling himself up on his cot bars two nights ago, when we put him to bed! He's just cutting his first tooth, and has daid not one but two words! First was "Mum" two days before our anniversary, and followed by "dad" shortly after. He isn't very far from crawling at all now. Eating solids, of a sort. He eats the powdered heinz baby foods, but would rather eat "grown up" food as it is, or not at would seem he does NOT like his food mushed up. But he'll quite happily gum a biscuit/piece of bread/chip etc. We had him on baby rice for a little while, but as soon as he tried rusks, that was it. No more baby rice for me, thank you mummy! He also has what i'll call a comforter preference. If mummy gets him out of the cot in the morning, only mummy can comfort him if he gets upset. If daddy gets him out of the cot, then only daddy can comfort him!

    It seems impossible he was so sick. He's got a few more check ups due, and then we'll be all clear. But being honest, I don't think Partner and I will ever be able to get over what happened. For those of you who don't know, Mike had contracted group b strep and developed menningitis at 2 1/2 weeks old. He almost died, if it wasnt for me noticing he was off his food and not being happy with it. If we had left it any longer...well it really does not bare thingking about.

    As for partner and i....well this year has not been kind. Partner got made redundant...again. Luckily he found something straight away. The house we were looking at in my last post was only available for 6 months, so that was a no go. I seem to have developed a mystery illness that the docs cannot figure out. Countless blood tests, and now an mri scan(awaiting results) hasnt shown whats the cause. Headaches, vomiting, nausea, aches and pains like i have a case of the flu, blurring vision (just had my eyes tested, new glasses but no chance) its a mystery! And the big kicker is...we're being evicted. Because the flat was untidy when they came to do an inspection. I thought they were coming on the friday, they came on the thursday as we were digging out stuff for a car boot. Next thing we know we're getting an eviction notice. Our local council are going to help us, but at the moment, we just dont know where we are going. We have no idea whats happening. And I am terrified. We've been told we'll be offered some placed that are sub-let to the council....but if they cant find us anything, they will put us in a hostel for 3 months while they find us a place....and that could be anywhere. I'm trying to stay within our doctors surgery area...but I don't know if that will be possible. If we cant find anything in Portsmouth, we decided we'd much rather up and leave to move nearer partners parents, who look after mike while im back at work, and partners at work.


    Which brings my to the next subject, and here i really need some help. Partners parents are starting to drive me insane. My parents arent perfect either, I'll be honest, but partners mum ans dad are driving me...and him it seems...up the wall.

    We went up there on sunday for dinner. Trying Mike on solids, we mixed up a little bit of everything in to a  bowl for him to try. He had a few mouthfulls here and there, and then decided he didn't want it. At which point partners dad, having finished his dinner, comes over and starts forcing it in Mikes mouth. Mike has a simple way of telling you he's had enough.....he'll spit it out and cross his arms over his face. But partners dad just kept forcing the food on him, about 2 or three times, before partner said Mike had enough. I didn't say anything because i felt if i did, i'd be yelling.

    Mike has never been a clingy, cuddly baby...he hates it especially if he's crying and you try to cuddle him to reassure him. instant reaction, I know. But partners mum constantly fusses over him in a manner that I feel is...well...suffocating! She's always in his face when he's in his walker, trying to get a kiss or a cuddle, and I KNOW mike really does NOT want to know. But she will keep doing it. And they keep saying things like "I'm not trying to interfere, but" and then tell us we're not doing something right, or we're doing something wrong because we're not following instructions on food/drinks etc TO THE LETTER. When your child is screaming because he wants his juice, and you know thats the only thing he wants, you wont't always make it up to the letter. Just because i don't put EXACTLY what the bottle says I should in his bottle/ making up his makes me feel like a schoolchild being told off, y'know?

    Partners dad is also pretty rough with Mike, that makes me feel awkward. He does this thing where he balls up his fists and pretends to punch Mike, obviously he does it really gently, but it still seems too rough for me. He's also taught Mike that it's ok to hit/slap, which I have no idea how to stop him doing. Partners dad held mikes hand, and then would lightly slap the back of his own hand and say "wacka wacka" Then Mike would copy. Now, all Mike does is hit. I am NOT happy with this, and I don't know how to stop him doing it before he thinks its a normal thing to do!

    We've had some really hard months where we've not been able to buy enough food etc, but we ALWAYS made sure we had enough food nappies and clothes for mike. But to have to ask them just for £20 to get through the week till payday,(i was on basic maternity pay at the time, which really was NOT alot) and being told "You really nead to learn to manage your money better, it upsets me to think you cant look after Mike" It's bad enough we are suffering, but to be told that as well was like a slap in the face. We ARE looking after's us that we are borrowing that £20 for, we are going without, not Mike.It also shocked me that they didn't seem to fussed about us going mum offered us somethings from the freezer, but that was it. I felt like yelling, "Wait, don't you care about us?"

    We mentioned to them that Mike does like Chocolate buttons, and it was ok to give him sone as a treat. Instant response was "Oh no, you don't need chocolate buttons, do you bubbah?" said in such a tone it translated as "No, he's not having any" Surely if i say it's ok for my son to have some chocolate...thats my decision, not theirs?


    I am also worried that partners parents are secretly potty training Mike. It was mentioned a few months ago that Partners mum had sat him on the potty "to see what he made of it". I was furious. That is our place, our job, not theirs. That was WAY overstepping the boundarys. I said, when this was mentioned, that we would do it when he was ready (he was about 8/9 months old at the time!) and we'll let him learn to walk first. One thing at a time. But going up there one day recently...a blue potty has made an appearance in the bathroom. It's never been there before, and looks brand new. Then the last time we went up thereto pick mike up, it had been moved. It makes me wonder if they are trying to potty train him without us knowing, and knowing how we feel about it.

    I really am starting to feel that they seem to be thinking of him as their son, and treating him as they did partner and his brother. I don't know how to tell them they need to back off a little without upsetting them and argueing with them, because that is what is going to happen. And if that happens, we wont be welcome there, and Mike will not see his grandparents. We'll also loose someone to look after Mike, and I'll have to leave work to look after him....but it's really close to reaching the point that I will snap. Add to that i think they are teaching him certain things we would not do at home, eg, the wacka wacka thing....i feel like im stuck. Do I upset his parents, cause an argument, have partner upset because his parents wont see him, and will likely blame me, and loosing out on grandparents with mike as well as the babysitting so we can afford to poay our bills? Or do I keep my mouth shut and try and break him out of whatever his grandparents are teaching him at home? HELP!!!!!!!




  • Walking or is it Cruising???

    by blueeric2002 on 30 September 2011

    Morning everyone!

    We have passed that huge milestone, Izzy is walking.  In fact Izzy likes walking so much that putting her in the buggy or even attempting to inflicts a less savoury milestone upon us.  The tantrum.  She goes all rigid and screeches at me! 

    We have bought her first pair of shoes and she had her photo taken in the shop, we had the same for Thomas but can't find the photo anywhere Sad  She loves her shoes and likes to bring them over to us and stick her foot in the air for us to put them on.  It is true what they say no two are alike because her brother hated wearing shoes.

    The other big issue at the moment is her teething.  I thought teething was a doddle, Thomas was brilliant throughout, he drooled a bit and perhaps needed Calpol once or twice but we hardly noticed his teeth coming through.  Izzy is going through the mill with it, she has not been sleeping at all well, meaning she then is too tired as well as in pain.  This is not a good combination at all.  I have resorted to bringing her into bed with us which is inevitably storing up another problem but I will cross that bridge when we get to it.  Right now she needs reassurance and to me that is far more important than all the books telling me I have to be strong and let her scream til she is sick.

    No words yet, but she is trying :) yet again though I don't think the first one will be mummy.  It wasnt' with Thomas either, it was Get Down! We constantly had to keep telling the dog off at the time...  I am sure this time it is bye bye.  Is it too much to ask that after all I do as Mummy that the first word is mummy too?  Wink

    Well I must go, we are having unseasonably good weather so I have been able to put a pretty summer dress on Izzy today which has been worn just 5 times.  I think we might go and show it off to the ducks while we feed them Big Smile




    My word, how time does fly! The days are rapidly becoming more Autumn-y and we’re back on the slippery descent to Christmas. Nathan is back to school, Year 1, his second year there which makes him no longer a newbie, but a seasoned school-attendee. Tabitha has moved to the new childcare facility ready to start the school nursery this month (and another year to wait until she starts school because of her November birthday!) She’s just started Gymnastics now and it’s a weird feeling to watch her rolling and balancing and leaping when it seems such a short time ago since I really thought she would never walk. (See earlier blog for the feet-weight refusal drama.) The other day I received a package from the nursery that Tabitha has just left containing the records and observations from her ‘Baby Room’ days, and there it all is, chronologically recorded, her progress from finally standing up to actually taking un-aided steps, fantastic!

    So, that’s it then. Moving Tabitha out of the nursery she was in has broken my final link with the establishment I’ve been using since Nathan was 6 months old. It was oddly very sad on the last day. I know that technically Nathan left when he started the school nursery way back when, but he was still logged on this other places books and I know they’d have taken him anytime I was desperate (Teacher Training days, school strikes – you know what it’s like.) As we walked out for the last time I was kind of gutted that I wouldn’t be taking them back again, especially as most of the staff have stayed the same. It must be hard to work in a place like that, that takes children virtually from birth and can keep them until about 9 years old, how could they NOT get attached?

    Browsing the BBC website today I read an article about how children need our time, not our money, which served to make me feel mightily guilty about having to work full time. Though I haven’t given in to the lure of Breakfast Club, I do have to use the Afterschool Club which doesn’t give us a great deal of time together once I’ve picked the small ones up on an evening, and it would be lovely to be able to be there to collect them at home-time, but it’s just not feasible. Yes, the childcare costs an absolute fortune (due to some scheduling issues with Tabitha not starting her free nursery place until mid-September, this month is going to cost me around half of my wages), but there is simply no way I could afford to live without working full time. Anyone else suffer from the guilt too?

    On a totally different note I have decided not to leave everything to the last minute and have started getting sorted for Christmas and Tabitha’s birthday. Clothes sales and Ebay have produced a nice little hoard which is hidden from prying eyes in my Dad’s spare bedroom. With the separation and all, last Christmas was a bit of an after-thought, so this year I want it to be perfect. See, I do have good reason; I’m not just trying to scare you all with festive talk!!

    And the time keeps scurrying on! A few more months and part of my little team won’t qualify for the Birth to Five blog anymore. I think that you should be reminded more often when your children are babies to make the most of it. How many of us looked at our babies and thought ‘Goodness, I wish they’d hurry up and walk?’ ‘Aren’t they ever going to talk?’ And then all of a sudden they’re huge and they don’t need you so much anymore and you find yourself wishing back to the days when a kiss and a cuddle could fix most problems!

    So, to any new Mummies and Daddies on the blog, that’s my biggest piece of advice – MAKE THE MOST OF IT!! Whether you have to go out to work, or whether you are lucky enough to stay at home with your child (Is lucky the right word? Being the stay at home parent is NOT an easy job – I have friends who’ll testify to that! But still, I think lucky is about right), try not to wish away the baby years. I know it feels like forever until they start sleeping through (and oh boy, I REALLY know how forever-like it seems) but when it does start happening, it feels like the little ones have rushed through babyhood and that’s very scarey!!

  • high temperature paranoia!

    by Hellybo on 20 September 2011

    Hello again!! well my little angel has a cold... its that time of year again and the problem with her being in nursery is that she is going to pick up everything that is going around, i suppose that its good for her immune system etc etc but its not easy watching her suffer! when she was 1 she suffered with a couple of febrile convulsions, these are when their temperature gets too high their little bodies cant cope with it and they basically "switch off", the first time it happened it was terrifying, we didnt know what was wrong with her, she just went all floppy, vacant and was totally unresponsive so we called an ambulance, they were fantastic, administered medicine, took her to hospital and within a couple of hours she was back to her usual mischeavous self, the second time it happened luckily we knew what it was, so we gave her medicine, stripped her off and cooled her down, she went to sleep straight after it and once again we were worried so this time we called the NHS Helpline, they put our minds at rest and after she had slept it off she was once again fine.  Touch wood it hasnt happened since but we are overly paranoid when she gets a cold now and are constantly monitoring her temperature!! The problem is that she is a sweaty betty like her dad, she is always warm anyway (unlike me who is always cold!!) you can imagine the heating wars we always have in winter, i want it turned up high, he wants it turned off!! its me that looses now though cos its 2 against 1..... anyway on a plus point she seems much better today, we have kept her off nursery anyway so she is sat at home watching DVDs with her dad while i get to come to work......

  • Who's the Mamam!!

    by Hellybo on 13 September 2011

    Well a brief introduction, I am mum to Kiera who is 3 years old or “mamam” as she calls me!! Im not going to correct it to mum or mummy cos I love the way she says mamam, I think its really sweet, im sure she will change it herself when she is older but im not going to rush her growing up as we only have one and are going to keep it that way. 

    I live with my long term boyf aka Kiera’s dada (yes she still calls him dada too). I never know how to describe him, “my boyfriend” doesn’t quite fit when you have been together for 14 years, I don’t like “my partner” that sounds a bit too formal, I will have to encourage him to make me wife – that sounds a bit better J

    We are a modern family, being that I work full time and my OH (insert as appropriate – boyf, partner…..common law husband??? J) stays at home and looks after our little angel.

    She now attends nursery for 15 hours a week in term time but “Hates it” she normally cries for a couple of minutes when dropped off there but we have been told by her teachers that once we have gone she settles in, starts playing and enjoys herself.  I think its just that initial leaving her that bothers her. Surprisingly enough though since she has gone back after the summer holidays she hasnt cried once!! OH says she is still a bit clingy but no tears!!

    Well I have decided to start blogging as I have been reading the blogs on here for a while now and I thought to myself why not give it a go, I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and I hope people will enjoy reading mine.

  • Holiday Hell

    by alexis green on 02 August 2011

    We went on a traditional seaside family holiday to Norfolk a few weeks back and it was total hell! Area and facilities wre lovely but poor Chloe was ill the whole time. The morning we were due to leave she woke up at 5am which is early even for her saying she has tummyache, so I snuggled her up in bed with us and after a short while she vomited all over the bed, she kept doing it, even having a few cases of projectile vomit. I decided to travel in the back of the car on the long journey to holiday and she slept all the way apending the rest of the day a shadow of her normal self. She spent all holiday vomiting, one day she also had terrible diareah, she was lethargic and understandably grumpy so our holiday was a disaster. Martin did a lot with Sophie which they both adored, they had a real opportunity for some quality bonding but I was stuck caring for Chloe, the worst part I think was having to take apart her car seat one day and hose it down. In total she was ill for eight days, the day we returned home I started vomiting but luckily only had it for 48 hours.

    Still in our old house, but moving next week, Sophie alternates between excitement and crying saying she wants to stay here. We are now two weeks in to the summer holidays and I'm starting to run out of ideas! Every monday we go to kids am at the cinema, a special screening of childrens films for a very good price, thoroughly reccomend it, tuesday we go to a play session but the other 3 weekdays we are finding a bit boring, Sophie loves arts and crafting, chloe has no interest, its quite hard finding things they are both interested in. I'm making the most of the last few weeks of having Sophie all to myself until she goes to big school, think she is enjoying it, she hasn't been this cuddly for ages.

  • Hi everyone,

    We have been ticking along nicely, celebrating Izzy's first birthday and other special dates, July is a busy month for us!

    However, the really scary element of being a parent has come knocking again Sad, Thomas has broken his arm.  He plays football on a saturday as we believe it is important to give him a hobby to keep him active.  However these activities do mean exposing them to an element of risk and this has finally come home to roost.

    Luckily it is a hairline fracture so not to serious, he has a cast on to help with the comfort aspect.  He is bearing up surprisingly well considering it is just the beginning of the holidays, not sure I would be if it were me.

    We were both really proud of him though he waited at the hospital with patience cos it took ages and even when they had to move it to look at it/plaster/xray it he didnt really make a fuss.  He will perhaps be a little more circumspect before trying fancy moves in future and we will give him alot more credit for bravery than we did before, that is until the next time all our bravery is tested Smile

  • Moving On

    by blueeric2002 on 29 June 2011

    Hello all on this lovely sunny day!


    I finally have some time to myself to write a blog whilst Izzy watches cbeebies, it is a momentous point in our lives next week.  Izzy will be one.  I can't believe it has gone so fast, I was at the hospital yesterday for an appointment concerning my Endometriosis which seems to be making a return appearance :( and I said to my OH a year ago today I was wandering these corridors heavily pregnant and waiting for our elective section.  I had to go and spend the last part of my pregnancy in the hospital because I had placenta praevia you see.

    I have been busy squirrelling things away for her birthday that I have purchased off Ebay which I am sure she will love!  She is doing really well, starting to get lovely blond curly hair and is very cheeky, she knows exactly what to do to make me smile even when she is being naughty.  I shall have to steel myself to not start giggling soon or she will not take me seriously when I tell her no.

    We will spend the day on the beach with some other families on a family fun day, so it should be a lovely day and one we will remember.

    It is also tinged with a little sadness too though, Izzy is our last baby.  I would have another but OH is certain he wants no more, so I need to come to terms with this and look forward to the time to come with my growing children.

    So this birthday marks a moving on for both of us really, she is nearly a toddler and I need to get on with my studies now to move towards my goal of becoming a teacher in the future.

    Having children is a hugely fulfilling thing to do but it is also trying in equal measures and anyone who manages to breeze through it has my admiration, though I secretly suspect that even they have their difficult times but choose not to admit it ;)


  • Hi all, does anyone have any tips for getting a 7 month old back into her cot to sleep at night????

    Izzy had been poorly recently with flu and then a bout of D&V, so I was getting up a lot at night to see to her and thus she would often fall asleep in my bed, this was not intentional but it was the comfiest place for me to sooth Izzy as I don't have a chair in her room.

    Anyway, now that she's better, she will not sleep in her cot, if I put her to bed awake she cries and cries and will not sleep, I've tried the controlled crying thing, but it just doesn't work.  If I put her to bed once she's asleep then she wakes up an hour later!  She's not like this when she has her naps in the day, so I'm really at my wits end as she's sleeping with us at the moment, well until she drops off then I put her in her cot, but even then she still wakes and I am up several times a night.

    Any help and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.


    Update - 23/06/11

    And just like that, she decided that she would sleep in her own cot on her own for the whole night.  Thankfully she has done this for the past two nights and long may it continue.  I now have my bed back Big Smile

    Just thought I'd share a photo of my little Izzy.

  • progress

    by alexis green on 09 June 2011

    I have some good news!!!!!


    Chloe no longer seems intolerant to dairy products, she has been happily chomping 2 years worth of the cheese she missed out on, guzzling cows milk like its going out of fashion, her skin hasn't reacted her poo is normal she has not vomited. Finally she has grown out of it. I've had to put a hold on the cheese intake as I'm not sure the amount of saturated fat she consumed in her fridge raids for cheesy treats is too healthy for her.

    We are reluctantly removing house, a decision we made over the school situation. Hopefully we will be settled into our new home within a fortnight. Sadly downsizing slightly but it does mean Sophie can walk to school in the mornings without having to leave an hour before school starts, plus the bonus is she will now be 2nd on the waiting list for our preferred school instead of 11th. It solves Chloe's nursery problems too so all round we are feeling a lot happier on that front.


    Sophie is in the doghouse. Lately her behaviour has been absolutely disgraceful (must be an age thing), she misbehaves or refuses to do what I am asking her to then when I question her over it or tell her off she stares at me with this infuriatingly insolent look on her face. Hoping she will grow out of it but I'm thinking its a prelude to the teenage Sophie. I really hope for all our sakes its not! The main reason she is in the bad books is her constant chewing and picking of her finger nails. She has been a finger sucker since she was about 3 months old, she still does it when she is tired but I don't think its a habit that will be grown out of any time soon. A few weeks ago I noticed her thumb was an odd plum colour, swollen and the around the nail a yellowish oozing pus was appearing. A phone call to the gp informed me she would have a weeks wait to see a doctor and with no drop in centres nearby I reluctantly took her along to a&e. Made sure I apologised profusely for wasting hospital time and the staff were lovely, they prescribed a high dose of antibiotic and sent us on our way. After 4 days it had cleared up, a few days after that her nail fell off, its growing back now but making me feel queasy each time I see it. 2 weeks ago her index finger became infected and we managed to get a gp appt, so after the gp told her off and made her promise to leave her fingers alone she had yet more antibiotics and when the course was finished required another lot as it wasnt improving. She is still picking at her fingers and is a flipping nuisance, of course she won't stop because I'm telling her to and its so funny to do the opposite to what I want her to do, so funny that mummy gets cross, mummy gets upset, yes she is winding me up something proper at the moment! We are waiting now to see which finger is the next to get infected, we did say her fingers would drop off but she is too clever for her own good and didn't beleive us. She has promised when she starts big school she will leave them alone so we shall see what happens

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  • Parents Evening

    by blueeric2002 on 24 May 2011

    Hello everybody!

    Hope you are all well and not to frazzled Smile

    We have just been to parents evening for our son tonight, I must admit that we have been dreading tonight.  This is because lately Thomas has been testing our patience on an almost hourly basis....  I wonder sometimes if we are raising a potential little know it all that everybody shuns.

    He is into football, in a big way, we take him weekly to practise and he really loves it, however we may have shot ourselves in the foot as this is now all he ever talks about.  Unfortunately for him both his parents couldnt be less interested in the beautiful game if they tried, especially when he is crooning on about people like Wayne Rooney and Andy Carroll.  We as responsible parents ensure that he knows that both of these footballers are not always very nice and that it is not always best to copy what they do.  On the one hand we try to encourage him in his interest but are we alone in worrying about the potential pitfalls of idolising these men?  Perhaps we are...but I like to think not.

    We are now also at the stage where you can hear your parents in your voice, you know, that moment when you are telling your child to 'look with your eyes and not with your hands' or 'am I talking swahili?'.  We are sick of the sound of our own voices, maybe we should lay off a little bit, but we really want to ensure our little boy grows up being polite and looking after his things and being kind to others.  I have to admit to cringing a little inside when I also remember the voice of my childhood self shouting back at the top of my voice to my mum that 'when I grow up and have kids I won't be this mean'....

    The culmination of this testing behaviour came last week when I was pulled to one side by my sons teacher to have a 'chat', bearing in mind this is in full view of all the other parents as the children are handed over one by one in the playground, Thomas had kicked another child.  Said child had bit his friend so he decided that retribution was needed (secretly I felt proud of him for supporting his friend, even if this wrong) but I made sure he knew that two wrongs did not make a right and cancelled his youth club that night.  Cue many tears, snot and but mummy's, I stuck to my guns until he finally realised I would not relent (in the past I have given in, wrong I know, so new me stands firm, come what may).  A bit later on my other half looked in on him and he announced that he was leaving home, bless him we had a little giggle when other half came downstairs and told me what he had packed....his toy rabbit, his chelsea football shirt and his stars wars dressing up robe.  If only life in the big wide world was that easy lol.

    However, despite the last few months trials and tribulations, our fears were unfounded, Thomas is an excellent pupil who helps others and is very confident and well above average.  Cue inanely grinning parents as we are praised for our little boy and told we should be proud.

    Perhaps we are doing a good job after all, it is nice to have it ratified by an outsider though.  If anything, we have come to the realisation that he is only 6 and that perhaps we should cut him a little slack and not expect to much of him.  So our report is must try harder to be patient...

    What about Izzy?  Well she is much the same, she is not gaining weight at the same rate as Thomas but she is happy, healthy, crawling and babbling nicely.  The only issue we are really having with her right now is that she is waking still twice a night, I am still feeding her, which as I don't work is not to hard but she will not settle straight down afterwards and she screams for about 10-20 mins until she falls asleep again.  This is quite tiring.  I shall be weaning her off the breast after her first birthday which is rapidly approaching so hopefully after a short sharp shock (for all of us) she will finally be able to sleep through the night for the first time since birth, fingers crossed x

  • I must apologise here, I’m going to get on my High Horse and it’s not a position I take often. On the radio today is a discussion about people who drop off and sometimes pick up their children from school IN THEIR PYJAMAS! And I don’t get it, I just don’t. I’m sorry; this is surely just the height of laziness? I’m pretty certain I’m a fairly normal person, on holidays and weekends sometimes, I’ll slob happily in my jammies all day. I like to do my housework in them. There have been times when I’ve popped down the street to chat to neighbours in them….but come on! School run? Please!

    I have two children to drop off at two separate locations, ten miles from my home and then work to get to. Sometimes I have to pick up other children on the way. I know that mornings are chaotic, but being a parent means teaching your child to take some responsibility, some pride even, in their appearances. Judging from the calls coming in to the radio I’m not alone in expecting my children to leave the house with neat, tidy clothes (uniform or otherwise), teeth cleaned, hair brushed, hands and faces washed. This is basic, personal hygiene, it’s not rocket science. Common decency and sense would lead us to leave the house at least dressed! Do people send their children out to play in their pyjamas?

    What I find stranger is that the parents in their nightwear are not heading off to work afterwards (at least I sincerely hope not), presumably they must be going back home again. Now, I’m a parent so I’ll assume that, like me, these pyjama-clad folk won’t be going back to bed, they’ll have a vast amount of other jobs that will need to be done…washing, cleaning, cooking, minding smaller ones…I’m well aware of the endless list of parenting responsibilities. But, my point is, constricted though their time may be, they must be heading home again. They didn’t have to fit their entire morning schedule into those few precious moments pre-school run, knowing that they wouldn’t be back again until after the working day, they must MUST have time to at least throw on a top and bottoms. Is that such an alien thought?

    Perhaps I’m over-reacting. There have been a couple of callers who’ve put forward the case for day-long public pyjama wearing. One wears them on her day off because she just doesn’t see why she should get dressed. One is so busy working she doesn’t have time to get dressed. Yet I just can’t reconcile myself with this. I’m not that old, I’m only thirty, yet I was always taught that your nightwear was something you wore at home and not for public viewing. I wouldn’t invite my friends round for a BBQ in our jammies and I know those people, so why, oh why, would I go and hang out at the school gates with a bunch of strangers in them? And I hate to drag out the old double standard but there’s a fair amount of Daddies on my school drop off and as much as I’m sure I don’t want them standing round in their bed-time clobber, I reckon they don’t fancy being under the eyes of a bunch of scrutinizing women either…(Superman pattern Jake’s Daddy? Hmmmm?)

    Yes, I know life throws us curve-balls, I know time is short and precious and we have to fit a great deal of stuff into it. I’m not putting myself forward as some perfect Stepford Yummy Mummy. I’ve done the school run in my gym scruffs, with my hair scraped back and unbrushed, reminding myself to clean my teeth when I got back. I’ve taken Tabitha to drop Nathan off in her pyjama’s because I just didn’t have the energy to deal with the dressing argument, but all the while I was thinking, ‘My child is not properly dressed.’ I was embarrassed because, as I saw it, I’d brought my little girl into public, unsuitably dressed. I may as well have brought her out wearing her swimsuit. And that’s why I just don’t get this whole thing, my pyjama’s are what I wear when I go to bed, or when I’m chilling out, or when I’m in a frenzy of housework, these aren’t spectator sports. If I go out in my jammies, what next? Started to get dressed but didn’t have time to finish so I’ll just drop the kids off in my knickers? Day off so I’ll have a lazy mid-afternoon bath, Oh Goodness it’s pick up time, I’ll just run out in my bath towel? I find it all slightly odd, and a touch worrying and I really don’t think it sets the right example to children. We take them to school to learn but aren’t parents supposed to be a major part of a child’s education. Aren’t we supposed to give them life skills? My children learned to use the toilet from watching me and their dad (though at times I longed to pee in peace), we clean our teeth together, they try new foods because I eat it with them, and I, at least for one, will carry on teaching my children that we get dressed before we leave the house.

  • Poxy Easter!

    by alexis green on 26 April 2011

    What a fun way to spend Easter! Sophie is covered in chicken pox, I have my suspicions over where and who she contracted it from Hmm

    After managing to keep the girls entertained everyday over the easter hols we were planning a weekend away, both as a reward for them being good and a treat for us, so left on Good Friday to visit Chatsworth house, had a great time, helped by the rubber duck hunt in the house to keep them both entertained then travelled further north to Manchester and stayed overnight. Saturday morning I noticed a huge blister on Sophie's chest but wasn't sure as that was the only one whether it was pox or her new dress had been rubbing. We spent the day shopping and body watching as gradually more and more spots appeared, so we called it a day and started on the long journey home.

    Its now day 4 and since yesterday no more spots have appeared, the first are just about beginning to develop the crust though not all of them are fluid filled, not sure if thats the norm? Not an expert on chicken pox, last time I encountered it I was 7 years old and they were on me. She is being very good by not scratching but she says they aren't itchy. She has lots on her back and I mean a LOT and plenty on her face, she is a cab picker so hope she leaves thm alone so her pretty fac doesn't scar. I couldn't find calamine in the chemist so instead am using this really good product called virasoothe, its a clear gel, reminds me a bit of aloe vera aftersn actually and we keep it in the fridge so its extra soothing when applied. Tbh, have no idea how long pox lasts so need to read up, hope my assumption of once the last spot has scabbedd over its no longer contagious it correct, although as not all are blisters but just spots not sure how thats going to work out. Apart from being rather sleepy, pox doesn't seem to be overly affecting her.

    So far Chloe is pox free, although she does have a little red mark on her tummy that may be the beginnings of a spot or just a mark, its inevitable she will get it! Already they are both victims of cabin fever and the weather has turned cold so they've not wanted to play outside. Helping with the housework was todays fun game.

    I'm still all in a tizzy over school and nursery, think Chloe may be sorted, now the schools are open, I've been able to speak to the lady who runs nursery and arrange for Chloe to start in September possibly until 3pm but that needs to be confirmed. I'm still angry over Sophie's school allocation but no longer bursting into tears each time I think about it, and feel more angry each time I think about it.

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