Parents and carers are a crucial influence on what their children experience and achieve. The Government needs to consider its role in enabling all parents to play a full and positive part in their children’s learning and development.

This document sets out for the first time in one place what the Government is doing to promote both the development of services for parents, as well as their involvement in shaping services for themselves and their children. It assesses the situation to date, the gaps and the proposals to fill them.

In taking this agenda forward, the Department will engage a range of service delivery organisations (including schools) across the spectrum of services for children and their families.


  • Being a Parent Today – the changing roles of mothers and fathers
  • Government’s Role in Enabling Parents to Support their Children’s Learning
  • The Early Years
  • Parents of School Age Children
  • The Transition into Adulthood
  • Investment in Strategic Capacity
  • Developing Parental Engagement