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Public Appointments
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Transition Resourcing
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Public Appointments

At the Appointments Commission we are dedicated to finding and appointing the best possible people for public appointments.  Whether you are considering becoming, or recruiting for, a chair, non-executive director, committee or lay member role,  we know that a whole range of public services benefit enormously from the unique talents and perspectives brought by the non-executive community.

We are excited to be working with people who have talents as wide and varied as the range of public services on which we all rely.  People who want to contribute to public life because they care about their community, because they want to give something back or because they see the opportunity to develop a better understanding of the public sector.   Whatever the motivation, it is an invaluable contribution to public life.

Working with government departments throughout the UK, including the NHS, we are the only organisation in the UK dedicated to public appointments.  We understand the complexities of the recruitment and selection process, and work with clients and candidates alike to find not only the right people, but the best people.

The Appointments Commission – adding value to public appointments.