Castleford Bridge


  • The bridge has become a Castleford icon
  • 2 community areas are linked
  • Won a major architecture award and now receives visitors from around the world


A rundown riverside area is transformed into a vibrant, thriving landmark that has received visitors from around the world.

Yorkshire Forward identified Castleford as one of five Wakefield towns to benefit from its highly successful ‘Urban Renaissance Towns Programme’, which is designed to revive communities and make them a place where people want to invest, work and live.

The jewel in the crown for Yorkshire Forward’s Urban Renaissance Programme in Castleford was the construction of a landmark, award-winning, pedestrian bridge that links the town’s waterfront on the south bank of the river Aire to the Millennium community of Allerton Bywater.

As well as being an architectural masterpiece, Castleford Bridge provides a picturesque public space for the local community to enjoy and provides an economic hub for the riverside area which continues to expand.

Alison Drake from Castleford dedicated her time and effort to helping make the project happen. “The new Castleford Bridge has meant so much to us as a community. It’s hard to express the joy and pride we feel in helping bring beautiful architecture to the town and giving local people access to a wonderful amenity. No longer will Castleford be looked upon as a dirty industrial town, as we now have lots of visitors who come just to see the bridge and stay to enjoy the market and the friendliness of local people”

“To be on the bridge and hear the rush of water over the weir, see fish leaping up the new fish-ladder, enjoy the wildlife and sit gazing at the lovely view right in the middle of town is just amazing. We know what urban renaissance means in Castleford - it means a better quality of life for all of us and for future generations in our town.”

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Castleford BridgeCastleford BridgeCastleford Bridge

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