Yorkshire & Humber Regional Freight Strategy

The Regional Freight Strategy aims to get the best long-term outcome for people, businesses and the environment by improving economic performance, supporting social inclusion and quality of life, and enhancing the environment. The policy sets the direction for a period of 15 years, and aims to:

  • Offer a better understanding of the freight sector
  • Understand the opportunities and problems facing sustainable distribution
  • Provide the basis for maximum economic and social benefit
  • Reconcile the need for access to goods with environmental and social concerns
  • Provide an action plan which will deliver these objectives.

The Regional Spatial Strategy is the most strategic guidance on freight policy within the region. It contributes to and strengthens national policy, informing and being informed by other regional policies and leading local freight transport policy. It also forms part of the Regional Spatial Strategy.

An integral role of this strategy is to set out an action plan with responsibilities across a range of local, regional and national stakeholders within the public and private sectors and the wider community.

The Regional Freight Strategy comes out of the strong partnership between Yorkshire Forward, the Yorkshire & Humber Assembly and the Government Office for Yorkshire  & The Humber (GOYH).