Transparency (Spend transactions)

Online publication of all new spend - We are publishing this data as part of Yorkshire Forward's ongoing commitment to openness.

The Government has announced the Transparency Initiative, a commitment to publish data on all central government spend over £25,000. We have made the decision to publish all transactions rather than applying a limit of those over £25,000.

The content and format of data has been produced following the guidance given to government bodies by HM Treasury under the Transparency Initiative. In order to comply, personal expense claims are included but employee names have been withheld.

Click on the links below to view the data:



View - Spend for April 2010

View - Spend for May 2010

View - Spend for June 2010

View - Spend for July 2010

View - Spend for August 2010

View - Spend for September 2010

View - Spend for October 2010

View - Spend for November 2010

View - Spend for December 2010



View - Spend for January 2011

View - Spend for February 2011

View - Spend for March 2011

View - Spend for April 2011

View - Spend for May 2011

View - Spend for June 2011

View - Spend for July 2011

View - Spend for August 2011

View - Spend for September 2011

View - Spend for October 2011

View - Spend for November 2011

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