Transforming Dalby Forest


Yorkshire Forward has partnered with several other agencies to fund a £4.3m transformation of Dalby Forest.

  • Visitors have increased by 33% 
  • 20 jobs have been created and 20 jobs accommodated
  • 70 volunteers work on the project each year
  • Private-sector partnerships have been stimulated


Following the outbreak of foot and mouth disease in 2001, visitor numbers to Dalby Forest had stabilised at around 300,000 a year. Without major investment, there was a risk of severely diminishing visitor levels.

However, thanks to a a £4.3m transformation part-funded by Yorkshire Forward, Dalby Forest is now a regional centre of excellence for sustainable economic activity and a valuable asset to the region, drawing tourists from far and wide.

Dalby Courtyard

£1.1m has been spent on refurbishing several buildings at Low Dalby and in creating 6 craft workshops and 5 offices for rent. The project has stimulated a mountain-bike hire shop and café, a computer firm, various crafts and arts businesses, and a new restaurant—ensuring the long-term, sustainable use of the forest with partner organisations.

Visitor Centre

The new award-winning £2.6m visitor centre incorporates many sustainable features, including a wind turbine, solar panels, rainwater harvesting system, and a wood-fuel boiler.

Cycle Trails

£405k has been spent on creating 55 kms of new cycle trails to replace worn-out and unsustainable trails, promoting Dalby as a centre of excellence for mountain biking in England.


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