Yorkshire and Humber Strategy

The ‘Yorkshire and Humber Strategy’ is the name of the new Integrated Regional Strategy which will replace both the Regional Economic Strategy and the Regional Spatial Strategy.

The Yorkshire and Humber Strategy will join up work to tackle the key climate change, economic, planning, transport, housing and quality of life challenges facing Yorkshire and Humber.

The Yorkshire and Humber Strategy is an opportunity to create and new and shared vision for the future of Yorkshire and Humber that guides investment by the public sector and other partners. It is being co-produced through Local Government, Yorkshire Forward, and Functional Sub Regions working together.

The Yorkshire and Humber Strategy website provides further information including what the strategy is, how it will be developed, the timescales involved, the Workstreams and how to get involved.

Yorkshire Forward is leading on several policy areas included in the Yorkshire and Humber Strategy, including: Economy and Skills, Transport; and, Climate Change and Environmental Resources.

In addition we provide secretariat support to the overarching decision making body, the Joint Regional Board, along with leading on evidence base development; consultation and engagement; and, Integrated Appraisal.

Yorkshire Forward’s Chief Economist Unit has the lead responsibility for the Economy and Skills Workstream. You can visit their website to access a collection of the latest data concerning the economy of Yorkshire and Humber.