Fighting business crime is making South Yorkshire a better place to work & invest

What is the BCRC?

Since it was launched as a pilot programme in South Yorkshire in 2007, the BCRC has become a major player in tackling business crime and has helped over 700 SMEs. Its specialist advisors help businesses by undertaking risk assessments and working with them produce action plans for better security.

What sort of crime are we talking about?

Phishing and hacking are growing concerns for businesses, so the BCRC has spent £340,000 helping SMEs prevent this type of e-crime. Grants are also available to protect premises against burglary; for example, Sheffield-based CS Surveying and Architectural Design Ltd received £3,900 to install external roller shutters, a sophisticated alarm system and extensive CCTV coverage.

Who funds BCRC?

BCRC is funded by Yorkshire Forward and the European Regional Development Fund.

Why is Yorkshire Forward concerned about business crime?

Thanks to security measures instigated by the BCRC, companies are now less inclined to relocate and around 450 jobs in the region have been created or safeguarded. That’s because businesses are the victims of crime, especially if repeatedly, they often feel they have no option but to relocate—and new businesses are far less likely to start up or invest in higher-crime areas.

How can you find out more?

Visit the BCRC website.