Yorkshire and Humber – A Low Carbon Economy Leader


Yorkshire and Humber’s vision for a Low Carbon Economy, the journey to this and the work being carried out by Yorkshire Forward to support this, is outlined in a new prospectus launched today. 

A Low Carbon Economy Leader - The Challenge is the Opportunity’ looks at how the region is working to make the Low Carbon Economy a reality, bringing together businesses, dedicated public agencies and world class expertise, turning the problem into profits and obstacles into opportunities.

Across the region there is huge scope to expand clean and renewable energy generation and to help businesses use energy efficiently. There are major opportunities to exploit growing markets in environmental technologies.

Yorkshire and Humber was the first English region to set a target to cut greenhouse gas emissions and its actions have been guided by groundbreaking research which has been backed by investment and action, including; CO2 Sense, a company set up to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and improve resource efficiency; and The Centre for Low Carbon Futures, a £50m partnership with Yorkshire universities to create a world-class research Centre.

Local authorities and their partners are also leading innovative low carbon action at the local level, and the prospectus highlights examples and opportunities, such as work to use biomass for heating and schemes to improve the housing insulation – cutting fuel bills, creating jobs and helping the environment.

The document also outlines the region’s potential to become a world leader with low carbon future developments and opportunities, ranging from Carbon Capture and Storage, the Offshore Wind Opportunity, the Nuclear Energy Supply Chain and Cleaner Power Generation and Biorenewables.

The region’s designation as a national Low Carbon Economic Area for Carbon Capture and Storage and for the Civil Nuclear Supply Chain reflect its real strengths in these areas and provide an excellent platform for further innovation and achievement.

Tom Riordan, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Forward commented; “Yorkshire and Humber has the potential to become a genuine world leader in the Low Carbon Economy.  Leaders from Yorkshire Forward, local government and business back this vision.  The region has natural and distinctive advantages, coupled with the skills, ideas and the determination to seize the opportunity.  Doing so will turn inherited problems into new opportunities, help the nation to hit its climate change targets, and open up huge economic, employment and export potential in the process.”

Yorkshire Forward

  • Yorkshire Forward is the Regional Development Agency behind the economic regeneration of Yorkshire and Humber. It aims to make a positive difference by investing in jobs, improving towns and cities, and in supporting businesses throughout the region. 
  • Yorkshire Forward’s investment across the region is maximised by attracting European Regional Development Funding. 
  • For further information, images or to arrange an interview, please contact Laura Scholey, Press Manager on 0113 3949540 or email laura.scholey@yorkshire-forward.com

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