RDPE Community Broadband Grant scheme

Yorkshire Forward is offering a grant scheme to support access to superfast broadband services in rural communities in Yorkshire and Humber.  We are targeting rural areas covered by LEADER within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

The grant budget for this scheme totals £250,000 using funds from the European Economic Recovery Plan (EERP) under RDPE.   The grant will be available for spend in 2011/12. (There is no indication any further funding will be available under this scheme post March 2012.
The grant will be paid at an intervention rate of 60%, which means that the other 40% of project costs will need to be met by the applicant, an applicant’s partner or from broadband subscriber set up charges, be they domestic residents or businesses. Other public sector support cannot be used as match.

Projects seeking support may be:
• Upgrades to  existing ICT infrastructure to exceed the universal standard of 2mbps;
• The installation of new hardware needed to adopt ‘next generation’ broadband with speeds of up to 50mbps.

We are looking for applications from communities that have limited or no access to broadband services.

Since there is limited amount of funding for this scheme it is unlikely that all the applicants will be successful therefore projects will be appraised based on the submitted Expression of Interest Form and against scheme criteria (see below).

Applicants are asked to complete an Expression of Interest form and send it to Mark Firth at Yorkshire Forward (contact details below) by 25 March 2011.

We would ask broadband technology suppliers interested in providing broadband solutions at a community scale to also approach Mark Firth at Yorkshire Forward for further information.

Please contact Mark Firth on 0113 394 9818 or email mark.firth@yorkshire-forward.com.