The Green Lane Centre in Whitby


  • Offering an impressive range of activities that can be enjoyed by the whole community, from pottery to pilates.
  • Ultra-green building that keeps the running costs down


The Green Lane Centre was formerly a play centre that had seen better days. Its transformation into the hi-tech hub transformed the aspirations of the local community. Substantial investment, including funding from Yorkshire Forward’s Renaissance Market Towns (RMT) programme, enabled this to happen.

The building has ‘green’ features such as geothermal ground-source heat pumps (for underfloor heating); a sedum (grass-like) roof; and sun pipes which bring natural light into the building. The hi-tech centre now includes eight office units varying from 177 to 360 sq ft; purpose-built vocational training facilities; a digital media suite; and a community resource centre with additional space for conferences, meetings and exhibitions.

Having been regenerated so impressively, the centre is now of service to both the local population and local businesses, allowing them to continue to grow in a supportive environment. It has also raised local confidence and aspirations.

The Green Lane Centre won a top regeneration award in September 2009. You can find out more here.

You can visit the Green Lane Centre website at

Green Lane Centre

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