Clipper Round The World Yacht Race


A world class sporting event in Hull & Humber, which brought millions of pounds of benefit.

• Approximately 50,000 visitors flocked to Hull for the start of the race spending over £1million
• The profile of Hull & Humber raised around the world for international trade


The Clipper Round The World Yacht Race is the world’s longest and most exhilarating race of its type, attracting huge international attention and offering the region a superb opportunity to raise its profile. The 10-month voyage covers 35,000 miles around 5 continents before returning to the Humber finish-line in July 2010.

Yorkshire Forward is sponsoring the ‘Hull & Humber’, one of the 10 yachts in the race. It has already proven to be a powerful tool for introducing Hull & Humber businesses to potential partners and customers overseas. It positions the region alongside some of the world’s major trading capitals, showcasing our business and tourism assets on a global stage. Hull & Humber companies are expected to generate millions of pounds of new trade on the back of this and the 2007-08 race.

The Clipper race has also enabled ten disadvantaged young people to turn their lives around after being selected to participate in last year’s event. As a result they are now contributing to society, either in employment paying taxes or further education - saving the public purse nearly £1million a year. The 2009/10 race will host even more young people from challenging backgrounds and build on the successes already gained.

Hull and Humber Clipper

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