What is Yorkshire Forward's role in the planning process?

Yorkshire Forward, as the Regional Development Agency for the Yorkshire and Humber region, is a statutory consultee within the planning process. This involves responding to consultations on major development proposals and new local planning policies within the region.

The planning team seeks to promote sustainable economic growth through the planning process where this would, assist in implementing the Regional Economic Strategy (RES). They respond to all planning applications of regional significance within Yorkshire and Humber, and work to inform and influence planning policy at national, regional and local, to ensure that they contribute to the RES vision of Yorkshire and Humber as a great place to live, work and invest.

What planning applications does Yorkshire Forward comment on?

Yorkshire Forward has specified those types of development that the Agency wishes to be consulted on, as part of its role as a statutory consultee. More information can be found in the Planning Application Statutory Consultee Criteria document.

These regionally significant planning applications have been identified as potentially impacting on the delivery of the RES. This includes applications for major infrastructure, energy generation or waste treatment facilities, as well as applications on strategic regional sites (such as Grimsby Europarc, the South Humber Bank Employment Zone and Holbeck Urban Village) or applications for significant residential, employment or mixed use development.

What planning policy documents does Yorkshire Forward comment on?

Yorkshire Forward is a statutory consultee for documents produced by Local Planning Authorities as part of their Local Development Framework (such as the Core Strategy, Development Plan Documents and Supplementary Planning Documents). More information on the Local Development Framework can be found here.

They are also consulted on planning policy documents produced by Local Authorities bordering Yorkshire and Humber, so that their implications for the economic development of the region can be considered.

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