Could Yorkshire become the UK’s top holiday spot?

Yorkshire is on its way to becoming the UK’s favourite holiday destination, according to a recent survey by Welcome to Yorkshire, the region’s official tourism agency. There’s a great deal going on in Yorkshire!

What does the survey reveal?

  • Yorkshire has been outperforming other UK destinations (including London, which has had a tough year). 
  • In 2009, the spend by visitors to Yorkshire increased by 13% (if this growth continues, Welcome to Yorkshire predicts the region could see a tourism revenue increase of £744m).
  • In 2009, Yorkshire was the fastest-growing region in attracting UK visitors, with numbers up by 31% last summer.

Why does tourism matter?

The visitor economy brings much-needed cash into the region and also supports Yorkshire’s goal to be a preferred destination for students and for business investment. Tourism is fast becoming one of the most important economies in the region, with an estimated value of around £6.5bn. Around a quarter of a million people in the region now work in tourism-related jobs.

What is Welcome to Yorkshire?

The agency was launched in 2009 with £30m funding from Yorkshire Forward over 3 years. It aims to grow the visitor economy in the region by 5%.

Want to know more?

Visit the Welcome to Yorkshire website.