Helping more people to get the skills and jobs they need

Our economy both depends on, and promotes, healthy businesses and personal prosperity. These two concepts are connected by the labour market—businesses need good people to work for them, and people need good jobs at the right pay.

Yorkshire Forward intervenes at several points which help to achieve these goals. Because of the specific circumstances of the economy in Yorkshire & Humber, we’re focusing on social inclusion and the development of higher skills levels, and we have a policy programme addressing each of these.

This section tells you about these two policy programmes; for more detail, please refer to the Regional Economic Strategy (RES) and Yorkshire Forward’s Corporate Plan 2008-2011. 

Economic inclusion means opportunities for everyone

Economic inclusion means opportunities for everyone

Find out about our ‘Economic Inclusion’ policy programme, where we try to boost the region’s economy by helping everyone to realise their potential.

Higher skills levels mean prosperity & opportunity

Higher skills levels mean prosperity & opportunity

Find out about our ‘Skills’ policy programme. We work with a range of partners to increase the demand for skills among individuals, businesses and the economy, to help the region and the UK become more competitive.

Business Funding

Looking to start grow or improve a business? See what funding options could be available for you.

Starting a rural business

The Rural Business Start-Up Programme could provide you with essential match-funding.