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Yorkshire & Humber’s £87bn economy has grown faster than the European average for 7 consecutive years and this, combined with our academic excellence and industry expertise, has established our region as one of the UK's best locations for exploiting new technologies and accessing overseas markets.

Yorkshire Forward’s business development activity is focused on encouraging increasing levels of foreign direct investment (FDI) into our region, as well as helping companies based here to export their products and services. We also have a dedicated Key Account Management (KAM) programme, which works closely with the region’s largest businesses, helping them to find and exploit opportunities which will have a positive impact on the region’s economy.

Developing international trade

Developing international trade

Yorkshire Forward works with UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) to help businesses in Yorkshire and Humber succeed, by promoting more international trade/joint-ventures in key overseas markets.

Our Key Account Management programme

Our Key Account Management programme

The region’s largest businesses – employing over 250 people – account for over half of Yorkshire & Humber’s GDP. Yorkshire Forward’s business development programme is designed to work with these businesses to improve their profitability and efficiency, encouraging reinvestment in the region.

Invest in Yorkshire & Humber

Invest in Yorkshire & Humber

Yorkshire Forward encourages overseas-owned companies to invest in our region. Our superb location, infrastructure, world-class universities and strong supply chain make Yorkshire & Humber a leading choice for investors.

Economic overview

Find out how our region's economy is performing with our latest economic reports.

Free Export Advice

International Trade Advisers can offer FREE help & advice to access opportunities in overseas markets.

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Our magazine highlights the latest opportunities and support available to companies in the region.

Incentives for going greener

Find out how your business can take advantage of loans, grants and tax breaks for going greener.