Customer service procedure

We realise that from time to time progress can seem slow and you can get frustrated. We have dedicated staff available to deal with these problems, making sure you receive an answer and within a specific time.

This service does not replace the Freedom of Information Act 2000, or your ability to complain through our complaints procedure. This is an extra service, where we can deal with your problems simply.

If you have a problem you would like us todeal with, you can expect the following.

We will:
• treat your problem seriously from the beginning;
• deal with your problem as politely and as quickly as possible;
• make sure that your problem is passed to the best person to deal with it;
• confirm in writing that we have received your problem within 24 hours of when we get it;
• check that the person dealing with your problem is making progress;
• investigate your problem and send you a response within two weeks; and
• make sure that we keep a full record of your problem.

Stage one – who to contact if you have a question

Please phone our customer services department on 0113 394 9888 or e-mail us at We will make sure that we pass on your problem to the best person within the agency to deal with it.

Please remember to include your contact details in any letters or e-mails.

Please let us know if you have any language difficulties. If possible we will offer you the choice of translating our response to you in the language you choose.

If you prefer, you can send your problem to us in writing to:

The customer services department
Yorkshire Forward
Victoria House
2 Victoria Place
LS11 5AE.

Stage two – dealing with your problem

As soon as we receive your problem we will record it in the customer service register,and will create a customer service form. We will give your problem a reference number and we will use this number on all future letters. We will pass a copy of your customer services form to the person within the agency who can best deal with it. We will write to you within 24 hours to confirm that we have received your problem and tell you your reference number in the letter.

Stage three: continuous support

The person who has been given your problem to deal with will deal with it within two weeks. You can expect to receive a full answer to your problem either by phone or by e-mail or letter. We will keep the completed customer services form, and a copy of the e-mail or letter. We will fill in the customer service register to show the action taken.

Stage four: complaint about standard of service

If you are unhappy with the way we deal with your problem or with the decision we make, you can register a complaint through our complaints procedure. For more details about this please go onto the Yorkshire Forward website

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