Our aims for Yorkshire & Humber

To achieve our vision, we have 3 over-arching aims.

The region must work together to achieve these aims, and our Regional Economic Strategy is built upon them.

Together, these 3 aims will help the region to achieve sustainable development. It means taking a long-term approach to assuring business success and a high quality of life, whilst protecting and enhancing our environment:

Supporting people

We want to help realise the potential of everyone in Yorkshire & Humber, making sure that everyone has access to the right skills and learning, and ensuring that our region promotes social inclusion.

Helping businesses

We want to help new businesses to start up, and to help existing businesses to grow, so that our region can achieve sustainable economic growth and generate enough jobs for the people who need them.

Improving places

We want to use our region’s physical and cultural assets to everyone’s best advantage, ensuring efficiency in the way they are used and both conserving and enhancing our environment.

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