Our strategy for Yorkshire & Humber

In this section you can find out more about the Regional Economic Strategy for Yorkshire & Humber. You can also read how Yorkshire Forward’s corporate plan outlines how we will contribute to the achievement of that strategy.

The Regional Economic Strategy 2006-2015

The Regional Economic Strategy (RES) is a roadmap for how the region will grow its economy between 2006 and 2015. It lays out a set of objectives, and how they will be achieved, and by whom; we also regularly measure the region’s progress against the RES.

The Yorkshire Forward Corporate Plan 2008-2011

The Yorkshire Forward Revised Corporate Plan 2008-2011 explains how we will contribute to the delivery of the Regional Economic Strategy (RES). It was developed in consultation with our partners, and approved by BIS.

The Regional Innovation Strategy

The Regional Innovation Strategy details how Yorkshire Forward, working with our partners, will help to increase levels of business innovation in our region. This is how we’re delivering the ‘innovation’ component of the regional economic strategy.

Yorkshire and Humber Strategy

The Yorkshire and Humber Strategy is an opportunity to create a new vision for the future of Yorkshire and Humber to guide investment by the public sector and other partners in the region.

Our offices

Yorkshire Forward has offices throughout the region.

Skills mean success

Greater skill levels in your business will make you more innovative, competitive and successful.

Young entrepreneurs

Find out about what's on offer to help young people start their own businesses.