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The Learning Legacy is a series of reports that captures knowledge, achievements and lessons learned from twelve years of regional economic development in Yorkshire and Humber.  It seeks to pass knowledge on to other bodies who may be able to apply it now or in the future. 

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A new Sheffield start-up, named after a 19th century scientist, is ready to spark into life after becoming one of the first companies to receive an investment from Finance Yorkshire.

Bringing together a number of small scale village and community based conservation, environment and heritage related enhancements into one project.

Minister for Regional Economic Development and Coordination, Rosie Winterton, has launched a new £90 million venture capital and loan fund which will boost business growth in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Launching in the Spring of 2010, Finance Yorkshire is a new £90million fund set up to provide businesses across the Yorkshire and Humber region with funding to start and grow.