The Yorkshire Forward Corporate Plan 2008-2011

Our Revised Corporate Plan 2008-2011 (revised June 2009) details how Yorkshire Forward will contribute to achieving the goals laid out in the Regional Economic Strategy (RES), which is a partnership approach to growing the region’s economy. It also shows how we will be building on the outcome of the Sub National Review (SNR) by working through new governance structures, which include working in closer partnership with local authorities and functional sub-regions, and developing an Integrated Regional Strategy (IRS).

What’s in the plan?

A new set of Corporate Objectives that reflect the post SNR environment, and the need to respond to immediate challenges in a way that not only mitigates the negative impacts of the recession on the region’s businesses, individuals and communities, but also provides a strong foundation to achieve our longer term aim of sustainable economic growth.

How was the plan developed?

We reviewed our main policy areas and consulted widely on them. Where possible, we took on board comments received from our partners and from the government. As a result, we believe that the plan:

  • Strengthens the impact of our interventions, by helping us to adopt a stronger, programme-based approach to achieving our goals
  • Gives greater clarity to the economic rationale for our priorities
  • Clearly articulates our core activity, and how we will work with our partners.

Why do we have such a plan?

The government requires us to produce a plan which covers a 3-year period and shows what we will do with the money we receive from them (which is known as the 'single pot').

What is Yorkshire Forward’s approach?

Five core values guide the way we work and how we do business:
  • We will achieve value for money for taxpayers
  • We will be open about the way we invest and take decisions
  • We will work as a team (Team Yorkshire Forward), and as part of a wider Team Yorkshire & Humber, to deliver the RES
  • We will seek excellence in the way we operate
  • We will strive to be an agency which promotes diversity and celebrates difference.

Has the plan been approved?

The revised Corporate Plan was approved by Rosie Winterton MP, our minister at the Department of  Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) on 7th August 2009.

Can Yorkshire Forward send me a copy?

Quite deliberately, for environmental and cost reasons, we have not had the plan printed. Instead, it has been made available electronically, and anyone can view or download our Corporate Plan.