Ultracoat flies out


South Yorkshire-based Fernco Environmental, a company focusing on minimising the environmental impact within sewerage and drainage industries, is pleased to announce it has now completed phase one of a project for a leading aircraft manufacturer. Using their Ultracoat system, the company, a sister company of market leading coupling manufacturer Flexseal, has rehabilitated three fuel interceptor tanks in the client’s Bristol operation.

Two of the fuel interceptor tanks, which are used as holding tanks for the spillage of diesel oil and water, required a preventative coating, whilst the third, which was suffering from ongoing infiltration, needed a complete rehabilitation. Originally built in 1948, some remedial work had been carried out to the structures over the years; but whether it was due to failure of a GRP lining or leakage through smaller concrete repairs, the tanks had fallen into a cycle of disrepair.

The Ultracoat system is used for the rehabilitation and structural reinforcement of a wide range of substrates, leaving an exceptionally hard wearing, smooth and waterproof coating, with excellent chemical resistance - ideal for the aircraft manufacturer’s fuel interceptor tanks.

Ed Fairfield, marketing manager at Fernco Environmental, commented “We are extremely pleased our Ultracoat system was chosen for a job of this nature. Whether it's for a small job like a manhole or a larger asset management project, Ultracoat has a proven track record of delivering the right result; and this project is another fine example.”

About Fernco Environmental

Fernco Environmental is a new company within the Fernco group, and focuses on minimising environmental impact within sewerage and drainage industries.
Jon Crean, Managing Director, summarises ‘the team in the UK are working hard to deliver innovation and move into new industries, new markets and new countries. There are a variety of challenges which the industry needs to address such as sustainability, environmental awareness and meeting the demands of new legislation. Fernco Environmental aims to provide the tools the industry needs to succeed’.
For further information about Fernco Environmental visit www.ferncoenvironmental.com.