Yorkshire Forward Learning Legacy


About the Learning Legacy Series

The Learning Legacy is a series of reports that captures knowledge, achievements and lessons learned from twelve years of regional economic development in Yorkshire and Humber.  It seeks to pass knowledge on to other bodies who may be able to apply it now or in the future. 

The work has been completed at a time when Yorkshire Forward is working towards closure.   So it is rooted in the art of the possible, bringing information and insights to the fore as far as possible.  Whilst it does not seek to be comprehensive it spans a suite of 17 documents:

Overview and Summary
1: Economic Strategy
2: Research, Intelligence and Evaluation
3: Responding to Economic Shocks
4: Low Carbon Economy and Sustainable Development
5: Enterprise - Helping New Businesses to Start and Survive
6: Supporting Existing Businesses
7: Access to Finance
8: International Trade and Investment
9: Sectors and Clusters
10: Innovation
11: Skills
12: Urban Renaissance and Physical Regeneration
13: Social Regeneration and Inclusion
14: Transport
15: Rural Renaissance
16: Tourism and Major Events

Each module is a standalone document that covers the purpose of the work, the approaches adopted, results and lessons learned.  Each one also includes a short Executive Summary. Each document is available to download from 'Related Documents' on the right hand side of this page.

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