How Yorkshire Forward is funded

Yorkshire Forward distributes money from two sources:
In 2007-08, we spent:
  • £60m on helping people to access good jobs, skills and transport
  • £154m on helping businesses to start-up, grow and compete through innovation
  • £97m on regenerating cities, towns and rural communities. 
The ERDF Programme 2007-13

The ERDF Programme 2007-13

Like the other regional development agencies in England, Yorkshire Forward is part-funded by EU Structural Funds in order to manage the ERDF Programme 2007-13 in the region. Find out more.

Our government funding: the ‘single pot’

Our government funding: the ‘single pot’

Yorkshire Forward is one of England’s regional development agencies (RDAs). All 9 of the RDAs receive funding contributions from various government departments into a ‘single pot’, which we can invest in our region. Find out how it works.

State aid

Single pot and ERDF has to be distributed in ways that comply with European Commission State aid rules.  Find out what these are.

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