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2010-11 NHS Reference Costs Collection guidance

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    Department of Health
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    16 December 2010
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The documents below outline the requirements and timescales associated with the mandatory 2010-11 reference costs collection and the additional 2010-11 mental health cluster based collection.

The 2010-11 reference costs collection guidance is applicable to all NHS providers and supersedes the previous costing guidance issued ahead of the 2009-10 reference costs collection exercise. In a significant change to previous years much of the content of the NHS costing manual has been incorporated into the updated reference costs guidance.

A more concise NHS Costing Manual, containing the overall principles of costing for NHS organisations, has also been published on this website and is available via the following link:

Please note: the NHS Costing Manual 2010-11 is not fully accessible and is for print purposes only.

The mental health cluster guidance and template, published on 3 June 2011, set out the requirements for the additional mental health cluster based collection.

Beginners Guide to Reference Costs

This document will be available shortly.

PLICS and Reference Costs Best Practice Guide

This guide was developed in response to the Audit Commission's review of Reference Costs, which highlighted  issues for PLICS organisations when producing Reference Costs. The best practice guide was developed following consultation with the HFMA's Costing Special Interest Group and PLICS practitioners and seeks to:

  • identify areas of costing and recording of information, which PLICS organisations need to be aware of when producing reference costs and
  • provides suggestions of best practice and workarounds used by NHS organisations to produce reference costs from PLICS data.

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