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Ending violence against women and children campaign: 25 November – 10 December 2010

  • Last modified date:
    4 November 2010

To coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November 2010) and the following 16 days, a communications campaign is taking place to raise awareness with the public, patients and health professionals.

Below is a range of support materials to help you plan and carry out your campaign locally. They have been developed with the help of the voluntary sector and please let us know what activity you undertake by emailing us at

Ending violence against women and children campaign: Communications Information Pack

This document provides you with guidance on how to run the campaign. It contains:

  • Key messages for patients and the public
  • Key messages for professionals including tailored messages for different staff groups
  • Campaign activity ideas
  • Information on the campaign materials
  • Guidance on how to use the materials effectively
  • An overview of local and national activity
  • A list of national support helplines
  • Sources of local special support services
  • Facts and statistics on VAWC
  • Q&A
  • Information on Government-produced resources for health professionals

Gateway ref: 14914

Campaign posters

The following posters are to be placed in patient and staff facing areas such as on the backs of toilet doors. Please remember that staff may be victims of violence too. Your printer can add local support details onto these prior to printing.

Gateway ref: 14958

Leaflet for health professionals

This leaflet provides an overview on violence against women and children and highlights the health professionals’ role in supporting victims. There is space to add local support numbers on page 7 prior to printing. It is suggested that this is distributed to all health professionals in your trust with a recommendation that they seek additional training from their membership body or the voluntary sector.

Gateway ref: 14859

Credit card flyer

This flyer is to be made available to staff and patients. It has been produced as a print ready pdf and contact details for local support services can be added prior to printing.

It is based on a similar tool used by the Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum. They originally developed the card after consultation with survivors of abuse and because of its size, it can be concealed in shoes, tampon boxes or anywhere the patient feels is safe – including at friends’ or family members’ houses.

Please consider printing on sturdy yet flexible card to aid concealment.

Gateway ref: 14958

Media case studies

The following media friendly case studies cover a broad range of issues around violence against women and children. Covering both the patient and professional perspective, please consider using them in internal comms acticity to staff as well as more broadly in communications to your local community.

Patient/public facing media case studies

Gateway ref: 14958

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